LG vs Whirlpool Refrigerator

LG vs Whirlpool Refrigerator: Best Refrigerator Brand In India

A refrigerator is no longer a luxury for most households; but instead, it has become a necessity. There are numerous brands present in the market with different single doors models and double door models of refrigerators.

While LG is one of the most renowned refrigerator companies in India and is compared against brands like Samsung, Whirlpool has a modern approach that appeals to many. 

Despite the LG vs whirlpool refrigerator debate, together, these brands have dominated the market since the beginning of time. Both these brands provide premium electronic appliances and have managed to maintain loyalty among their customers, making it difficult for refrigerator comparison. 

To make the process of choosing easier for you, we have picked the best of LG vs whirlpool refrigerator reviews. 

LG Vs Whirlpool Refrigerator Brand Overview

Before we get into the LG vs Whirlpool debate, let us first inform you a little about how these brands were formed and how both of these brands are recognized in the world.



We’ve all probably used LG products at some point in our life. LG makes some of the best items on the market, all of them are incredibly durable and showcase cutting-edge technology.

It is a South Korean brand established in October 1958 and was formed by Koo In-hwoi. However, this corporation was known as Gold Star at the time and was rebranded LG in January 1995. 

LG has a global market and produces goods in various sectors, including home and kitchen appliances, vehicle components, electronics, and communications. However, when it comes to pricing, it’s a bit more expensive when compared to the whirlpool.



Whirlpool is a popular brand in the United States created by Louis and Emory Upton on November 11, 1911. Whirlpool has a substantial global market share and is well-known in India for producing high-quality refrigerators and washing machines.

They value quality and prioritize customer satisfaction, and in terms of price, when compared to LG, they are fairly inexpensive. 

Moreover, they make it a point not to cut corners for quality and longevity. Whirlpool’s Single Door and Double Door models are well-known on the market and a great alternative for first-time buyers! 

LG vs Whirlpool Refrigerator: The Real Difference

ConfigurationModern-designed models and comes in more than one colorExceptionally designed modern french doors
Storage CapacityRange from 25-29 cubic feetRange from 50 L to 500 L.
Refrigeration TechnologyInverter technology, direct cooling technology is availableSimilar technologies as LG refrigerators are available.
Energy Efficiency4-star energy ratings4-stars energy rating
Warranty1 year on a product with 10 years on compressor1 year on a product with 10 years on compressor

You will find refrigerators of both brands in our list of the best refrigerators in India. However, when given a choice, which one should you opt for?

To help you make that decision, we have compared some LG vs Whirlpool refrigerator factors you should keep in mind when buying a refrigerator from either of the two brands. 

1. Configuration

LG refrigerators feature an innovative connect feature that helps connect your home inverter to your refrigerator enabling it to maintain the coolness of the refrigerator during a power cut. They have direct cool refrigerators that can make ice at a rapid speed of just 108 minutes.

The best part of their models is that they come with a built-in stabilizer, so you don’t have to add extra money for a separate stabilizer. It provides a silent operation and has witnessed a fantastic customer response.

The LG refrigerators come in two colors: a plain stainless steel option and a stunning, black stainless steel variant. In both, you will be able to experience a smooth finish that’s fingerprint and smudge resistant.

The Whirlpool refrigerators are exceptionally designed modern French door refrigerators. Whirlpool’s 5-door model, for instance, comes in a sophisticated monochromatic stainless steel exterior with a textured finish.

The flat door style and metal handle also add to its contemporary aesthetic, making it a discreet yet welcome addition to any kitchen space. However, looking inside, the Whirlpool models aren’t exactly revolutionary. The shelves all brandish a gray trim, and the white plastic interiors are fairly typical of today’s top-of-the-line fridges.

2. Storage Capacity And Size

LG models have refrigerators equipped with a vegetable box that allows its users to store fruits and vegetables in the fridge for a longer duration. The LG refrigerators come with flower-designed doors and glass shelves that help to increase the beauty of your kitchen.

LG models have a capacity from 25 cubic feet to 29 cubic feet. You have direct cooling technology in LG refrigerators, so you must defrost it manually. The vegetable baskets are small as compared to Whirlpool refrigerators. 

Whirlpool refrigerators feature an extra basket at the bottom to store dry items which don’t come with LG refrigerators. Storage capacity shouldn’t be much of your concern, since both LG and Whirlpool offers best double doour refrigerators at reasonable price.

The shelves all have a gray trim, and the white plastic interiors are fairly typical of today’s top-of-the-line fridges. They can retain the cool temperature for 9 hours even without the use of electricity with their thick insulation pipes.

3. Refrigeration Technology

LG refrigerators are economical refrigerators, so it comes with direct cooling technology. That allows them to provide cooling without fluctuation. However, you do need to defrost them from time to time. You can know more about direct cooling technolgy and see how it is compared against frost free in our direct cool vs frost free guide.

The refrigerators are equipped with a vegetable box which is designed in such a way that it can keep the vegetables and fruits fresh for longer. LG refrigerators do not come with an extra space or a basket to store dry items like potatoes and onions.

Whirlpool refrigerators feature Inverter technology which provides super silent operation and won’t fill much noise. They also come with a stabilizer-free operation to not have you spend extra money on the separate stabilizer. Whirlpool refrigerators are compatible with home inverters.

They even come with Wifi connectivity and other smart features, which is a bonus. It even has an insulated refrigerant tube for better cooling operation.

Outside, both the Whirlpool and LG refrigerators have their digital control panels conveniently placed on top of their external ice and water dispensers. The board allows users to control and adjust various air filters, temperature, and ice making.

4. Energy Efficiency

LG refrigerators are the best-in-class efficiency. Their refrigerators come with a 4-star energy rating and work on inverter technology. So they are much more energy-efficient than other refrigerators.

The capillary, which carries refrigerant from compressor to freezer, is surrounded by a pipe filled with super cold gas. And this technology helps to increase the cooling efficiency of the LG refrigerators.

The Whirlpool single-door refrigerators are designed to provide up to 9 hours of cooling retention during a power cut, which is good.

It also helps to save your electricity and increases the efficiency of your refrigerator, thus increasing your refrigerator’s life expectancy too. There are no disadvantages present as such in the Whirlpool refrigerator models. You can use this guide of ours that helps you calculate the energy consumption of a fridge.

5. Warranty

The last factor we will consider in this Whirlpool vs LG refrigerator debate, is the warranty period that a user receives with the refrigerator. Both the brands provide a 1-year warranty on their products with a 10 years warranty on the compressors.

LG vs Whirlpool – Which is better?

We’ve concluded that both brands offer neck-to-neck options in terms of features and design – this leaves the choice up to you. Both these businesses employ the same sort of technology and have wonderful consumer reviews, allowing you to explore models from both flexibly. 

In terms of pricing, there isn’t much of a difference between the two brands. LG does, however, charge a slightly higher price for some models than Whirlpool. So, if you’re looking for a refrigerator with reduced prices, Whirlpool is your best bet.

Moreover, in our Whirlpool vs LG comparison, we found out that LG provides the most energy-efficient refrigerator models, and if you need additional storage capacity, LG refrigerators are the way to go.

In terms of features, LG products provide somewhat more than Whirlpool units. However, it comes at a greater price, so which one you choose ultimately relies on which features you want and how much you’re willing to pay for them!


LG refrigerators can be repaired or serviced by a professional repair shop or LG’s Refrigerator Engineer that is provided by the LG company.

Whirlpool refrigerators can be repaired or serviced by a professional refrigerator repair shop or whirlpool’s refrigerator engineer. It is important to check the warranty and repair options before purchasing a Whirlpool refrigerator.

The average lifespan of a Whirlpool refrigerator is between 12-15 years; the lifespan of a whirlpool refrigerator will depend on its usage and maintenance.

The average lifespan of an LG refrigerator is between 10-15 years, which is its estimated average lifespan depending on usage and maintenance.

To clean an LG or Whirlpool refrigerator:

  1. Unplug the refrigerator unit and remove all items it has.
  2. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the interior and exterior surfaces of the refrigerator.
  3. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the refrigerator’s surface, and dry the refrigerator unit completely before plugging it back in.

Yes, both the whirlpool and LG refrigerators are energy efficient. They have Energy Star Rating between 3 – 5 stars depending upon the refrigerator models.

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