LG Vs Samsung Washing Machine

LG Vs Samsung Washing Machine: Which One Should You Buy?

Does not doing laundry seem like a never-ending process to you? Doing laundry all by yourself takes up half of your day and your time and energy. We know it is a tedious process, especially in today’s era, where taking out time from your busy schedules for household chores looks like a huge task.

But thanks to washing machines for easing up our task up to a great extent. Washing machines are no more just luxury items; they have become an absolute necessity in every household. It is all thanks to the washing machine brands like Bosch, IFB, Whirlpool, LG and Samsung. They deliver affordable washing machines to the population.

Two of the pioneer washing machine brands of India are LG and Samsung. Both of these brands sell washing machines loaded with features and styles. However, people often tend to confuse which brand is better.

Purchasing a washing machine might sound like an easy task, but it can get complicated if you are unaware of different factors (price, spinning speed, reliability, warranty, service, material, built, etc.) they offer.

So, if you are considering buying either an LG or Samsung washing machine for your home and cannot decide on one, you have come to the right place. This article will be all about LG vs Samsung washing machines in which we will be comparing LG and Samsung washing machines and which is the best.

LG Washing Machine History

LG Washing Machine History

Established in 1947 by the name of “Lucky-Goldstar”, LG is a South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation located at the LG Twin Towers building in Yeouido-dong, Seoul.

Due to the lack of brand awareness, LG while entering India in 1997, had to overcome a few challenges which included high import duty, competition from other brands like Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic, Indian consumer’s price sensitiveness, competition from local and multinational companies in the consumer electronics division, etc.

So, for making itself a popular brand, LG initiated several marketing and promotional strategies that were innovative enough to help LG achieve the position where it stands today in India.

Among several products, LG washing machines are the most appreciated ones. An LG washing machine is best known for its super-advanced features, high-quality washing, and reasonable price range.

Product NameCapacityRotation SpeedWash ProgramsWarrantyPrice
1. LG T65SKSF4Z6.5 Kg700 RPM8 Programs2 years machine

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2. LG FHM1207SDL7 Kg1200 RPM10 Programs2 years machine

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3. LG FHM1208ZDL8 Kg1200 RPM10 Programs2 years machine

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Samsung Washing Machine History

Samsung Washing Machine History

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, that was launched on 1st March 1938.

Samsung has the 8th highest brand value as of the year 2020. It is one of the most popular brands for various electronic products across the globe, out of which washing machine is one.

Samsung entered India in 1995, and since then, it has become one the most trusted brands when it comes to washing machines.

Dependability, versatility, and customer care service are the things that set this brand apart from others. Samsung today holds a significant share in the appliance market of India due to its sleek product design, quality, and innovative technology. It has created several benchmarks for innovations, for which it has gained a lot of buyers in the Indian market.

Product NameCapacityRotation SpeedWash ProgramsWarrantyPrice
1. Samsung WA65A
6.5 Kg680 RPM6 Programs2 years machine

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2. Samsung WA70T
7 Kg1680 RPM6 Programs2 years machine

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3. Samsung WW80T
8 Kg1400 RPM22 Programs2 years machine

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LG Vs Samsung Washing Machines

Specifications and Features LG Samsung
Control SystemSmartThinQQuickDrive
Drum TechnologyTurboDrumDiamond Drum
Energy EfficiencyHigh High
ReliabilityGood Good
RPM More Less
Wash Program BetterAverage, better in some models
WarrantySimilar Similar

1. Price

If we talk about the front-loaders from LG, they surely do come with some amazing features that cut down our time and effort to half.

All of these machines are completely automatic, and you might already have an idea that fully automatic machines do not come cheap. Even though they come with a huge price tag, it is worth spending such amounts on such highly efficient machines.

However, these washing machines might not be a perfect fit for you if you want something that’s more budget-friendly. On the other hand, Samsung models are also semi-automatic in nature and are attractively priced but somewhat less than LG. A general semi-automatic model of Samsung costs around ₹10,000.

To sum it up, if we consider the price tag, Samsung is much cheaper as compared to LG and will probably suit you the best if you have budget constraints. After reading about price comparison, if you’re still in doubt regarding where to spend your money on between fully- automatic and semi-automatic, washing machines you can read our guide on it to make your purchase easy.

2. Spinning Speed

Coming to the spinning speed of both the brands, i.e., Samsung and LG, you will be unable to encounter much of a difference between the two. Both the brands offer washing machines that come with a spinning speed ranging between 1000-2000rpm.

The drying and washing time for your laundry totally depends on the spinning time. Therefore, you must be well aware of the spinning speeds of different models while buying one.

3. Build Quality

Samsung and LG clothes washers are known for their top-notch structure and built quality. What we are trying to say is both LG and Samsung do not compromise on the quality of their delivered washing machines.

The washing machines manufactured by both brands are built from solid stainless-steel material that has proven to be durable and long-lasting.

The semi-automatic washers are also designed from a rust-resistant premium plastic body. These models even come with a toughened glass door as well as a waterproof touch panel that enhances your laundry experience overall.

All-in-all, due to these characteristics, products of both brands produce minimal noise and vibration with the help of their respective technologies.

4. Reliability

Both LG and Samsung are two of the oldest brands that manufacture washing machines in India. There is no doubt on the fact that both of the brands provide top-quality washing machines that contain a plethora of features.

These features help us by saving us a lot of time, effort, energy, and electricity as well. It is absolutely safe to say that we can rely on both brands for our laundry cleaning without an iota of doubt. 

5. Features

In terms of features, LG washing machines offer a wide range of features like Twin Wash Technology, All Round Cleaning with 6 Motion DD Technology, Turbo Wash 2.0, Turbo Drum, TrueSteam, Inverter + Direct Drive, Rat Away Technology, Smart Diagnosis with NFC Tags, etc.

However, in this case, Samsung has the upper hand as it provides more features than LG. These include FlexWash, EcoBubble and BubbleSoak, Airwash & Eco Drum Clean, Diamond Drum Design, Magic Filter, ActivWash+ with Dedicated Sink, Last Memory, Silver Nanotechnology, Ceramic Heaters, Stainless Steel Pulsator, Air Turbo, Digital Inverter Technology, VRT+ Technology, Volt Control, and several other features as well.

LG Washing Machine Features

1. LG Twin Wash Technology

LG Twin Wash Technology

One of the unique technologies featured by an LG washing machine is its Twin Wash Technology. In this, there are 2 washers present on the top of the washing machine that is utilized for cleaning heavy and larger loads.

These two main washers further consist of a mini top load washer that is designed specifically for delicate clothes.

Now you don’t have to worry about your delicate clothes being damaged or wait for their turn to clean them separately. With this amazing technology, you can clean both heavy/larger loads as well as deliciated loads separately and simultaneously.

2. LG All Round Cleaning with 6 Motion DD technology

6 Motion DD technology is another latest and incredible innovation embraced by LG in an attempt to offer a streamlined combination of motion to all types of fabric.

What happens is the machine washes your clothes quite effectively with a combination of the 6 different motions which are Rolling, Tumble, Scrubbing, Stepping, Filtration, and Swing.

This fabric-sensitive technology helps it sense an appropriate motion for efficient cleaning performance by ensuring minimum fabric damage. This technology gives your fabric the proper care while making them ultra-clean and tidy.

3. LG Turbo Wash 2.0

Turbo Wash 360 LG Washing Machine Feature

Turbo Wash 2.0 is an upgraded version of TurboWash technology that helps in the reduction of your laundry time. This technology utilizes a twin JetSpray mechanism for sprinkling water over your clothes in a centrifugal motion that dissolves the detergent thoroughly.

Turbo Wash 2.0, with a JetSpray mechanism, creates a powerful stream of water that rotates your clothes top-bottom and left-right to wash and remove stubborn stains easily. It washes your clothes in a short time without compromising on the results.

4. LG Turbo Drum

All of the premium models of LG washing machines feature a Turbo Drum technology in which the drum and the pulsator rotate in 2 different directions. This results in immaculate washing and cleaning of clothes while being tender with the fabrics.

The two rotating drums minimize the intertwining of cloths/fabric at the time of the wash. This ultimately helps in keeping the fabric of the clothes intact. All-in-all, this technology provides you the most powerful wash for your clothes and manages to eliminate even the toughest of dirt or stain.

5. LG TrueSteam

TrueSteam LG Washing Machine Feature

The latest LG models come with another impressive feature, i.e., TruSteam technology. This technology solely focuses on getting rid of common household allergens such as dander, dust, mites, etc.

The washing machines by LG featuring this technology have also been recognized as one of the first washing machines to be certified as asthma & allergy-free by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The washing mechanisms of this technology involve 3 steps:

  • Allergen Sanitization: The fabric is sanitized by an atomized stream
  • Allergen Dissolution: The loosened allergens are dissolved by an optimal temperature
  • Allergen Removal: All allergens are filtered and discarded by rinsing and spinning cycle.

6. LG Inverter + Direct Drive

LG Vs Samsung Washing Machine: Which One Should You Buy?

LG washing machines have always been the flag bearer of innovations and technology. One of such incredible technologies introduced by LG is its Inverter and Direct Drive technology.

The inverter technology helps the machine to set up an optimum speed depending upon the load (clothes) in contrast to normal washing machines that have a fixed load operating efficiency.

This technology makes the motor of the machine rotate at a speed that is suitable for the number of clothes you have put into it. This dual technology consumes much lesser energy and electricity. It even produces a minimal amount of noise along with having a prolonged life.

7. LG Rat Away Technology

The LG washing machines that are semi-automatic come with a Rat Away technology. It is intended to keep away rats from the machine. This brilliant technique works because of a 3mm thick plastic cover coated with strong rodent-repellent chemicals that prevent the rats from nibbling on the body of the machine and damaging it.

8. LG Smart Diagnosis with NFC Tags

LG Vs Samsung Washing Machine: Which One Should You Buy?

One of the troubleshooting technologies offered by premium LG washing machines is the Smart Diagnosis technology using NFC tags.

It works when the user pushes the button present on the washer by which the Smart Diagnosis app on their phones gets alerted and warns the user in case there is some problem with the machine.

This Smart Diagnosis technology can diagnose up to 28 technical glitches and detect the root cause behind the issue by analyzing and recording special tones by the machine.

After diagnosing, it will instantly provide you with a valid solution so that you could try fixing it by yourself. In this way, this technology nips the bud before it becomes a much bigger problem.

Samsung Washing Machine Features

1. FlexWash

The FlexWash technology of Samsung washing machines enables the user to wash 2 loads simultaneously. This system involves a mini washer on the top of the machine that washes your soft and delicate cloths and a primary washer that is present on the front side of the machine that washes heavier and larger loads. The primary washer can take up to 21 Kg of load and the mini washer can accommodate up to 3.5 Kg of load.

2. EcoBubble and BubbleSoak

Samsung Washing Machine EcoBubble Technology

The EcoBubble technology brought about by Samsung Washing machines aims at utilizing the power of bubbles fully to provide powerful and effective cleaning even at low temperatures.

The principle on which this technology works is that it transforms the detergents particles into bubbles, making them inflated around your clothes.

The bubbles then penetrate into the fabric for removing stubborn stains and dirt.

The EcoBubble technology is coupled with a BubbleSoak technology that enhances the productivity of bubbles to remove adamant stains by soaking the cloths properly in bubbles. All of this is possible with just a push of a button.

3. Airwash & Eco Drum Clean

Samsung Washing Machine Eco Drum Clean Technology

The Airwash technology of Samsung washing machines helps to block the bad odor that comes from your clothes due to excessive dirt or sweat. It does so by sanitizing and then deodorizing your clothes with the help of super-hot air.

This hot air succeeds in killing the odor-causing bacteria and allergens. This technology is usually complemented by another innovation that is Eco Drum Clean technology.

This incredible feature helps in the removal of residue allergens that are left behind after Airwash in the drum of the washer.

The Eco drum clean technology automatically destroys the dwelling allergens and sanitizes the drum by the hot water streams.

4. Diamond Drum Design

Diamond Drum Design of Samsung Washing Machine

The top loaders of Samsung washing machines are designed in a curled diamond shape where the holes are approximately 25% smaller.

To top it all, these holes are located deep down the depressions within each diamond that prevents your cloth from getting damaged, entangled, or sticking out. This ensures your fabric’s longevity.

5. Magic Filter

Magic Filter for Samsung Washing Machine

One of the most thoughtful features that the latest Samsung models offer is the Magic Filter technology. We know how annoying it is when you encounter lint on your fabric. However, you do not have to worry anymore.

This technology helps in keeping your laundry lint-free. This Magic filter is positioned strategically at the lower side of the machine and is designed in such a way that it is capable to catch lint precisely and effectively.

6. ActivWash+ with Dedicated Sink

Samsung Washing Machine ActivWash+ with Dedicated Sink

The ActivWash+ system includes a sink that is specifically present to give you some space in order to hand-wash a few delicate fabrics or pre-wash extremely dirty clothes.

This sink is usually fitted on the top loader. The sink additionally comes with a built-in water jet that can be operated without a hassle by the press of a button.

7. Last Memory

The Last Memory feature of Samsung washing machines is designed in such a way that it saves the last utilized settings. When you wash your clothes with a particular setting for a long period, the machine saves the same setting so that you need not re-program the cycle repeatedly. This saves your time.

8. Silver Nano technology

Silver Nano technology of semi-automatic washing machines helps to reduce or eliminate mold/bacteria from your clothes in 3 stages:

  • In the first step, the silver ceramic crystals on the pulsator are melted and emitted during the wash cycle.
  • The second step involves the permeation of melted silver crystals into your fabrics.
  • The last involves the eradication of the bacteria and molds from your fabric.

9. Ceramic Heaters

Samsung Washing Machine  Ceramic Heaters

The latest Samsung models come with ceramic heaters that prevent the Calcium build-up within the walls of the machine.

This is an important feature because continuous Calcium deposition may lead to an increase in the consumption of electricity and a requirement of a special detergent to dissolve the deposited Calcium.

So, along with preventing the build-up of Calcium compounds, these ceramic heaters save a lot on your electric bill as well.

10. Stainless Steel Pulsator

The stainless steel pulsator serves different functions such as:

  • Efficient use of water and detergent for doing the laundry
  • Provides a powerful water stream for cleaning larger clothes in a gentle manner
  • It ensures minimal consumption of water
  • The pulsator contains 6 blades that produce an intense wide shower of water for the effective dirt removal.
  • It delivers a highly hygienic wash due to its scratch-resistant design that keeps away bacterial growth.

11. Air Turbo

The brand-new models of Samsung top-loaders present an Air Turbo technology that helps quick drying your laundry. This technology creates a whirlwind of drying power by drawing air via dual vents making the drum spin fast in order to soak and remove excess moisture from your clothes.

The brand-new models of Samsung top-loaders present an Air Turbo technology that helps quick drying your laundry.

This technology creates a whirlwind of drying power by drawing air via dual vents making the drum spin fast in order to soak and remove excess moisture from your clothes.

12. Digital Inverter Technology

Samsung Washing Machine Digital Inverter Technology

Generally, the washing machines contain a motor that is fixed in terms of speed. These motors are built for carrying out efficient operations only when there is a fixed or optimum load.

But advanced models nowadays feature a Digital Inverter Technology in which the motor runs as per the load capacity.

The motor adjusts automatically to the load which in turn saves a lot of electricity. The best part is these motors come with a warranty period of 10 years.

13. VRT+ Technology

Vibration Reduction Technology Plus or VRT+ is an upgraded version of VRT. This unique technology helps in keeping the noise and vibration within the lowest level possible. This does not affect the spin speed, even with heavy loads.

14. Volt Control

Power cuts can be annoying as they tend to have an adverse effect on the lifespan of large electrical appliances such as washing machines. But with Volt Control technology, you need not worry about the same.

This technology is a considerate approach to help stabilize the fluctuations in voltage within a range of ±25%. This technology makes the machine restart itself once the power is restored.

LG vs Samsung – Conclusion

In this war of Samsung vs. LG washing machines, we believe you must have an overall idea that both brands are recognized globally for their effective performance and quality.

The features provided by both Samsung and LG washing machine models are quite impressive and innovative. Both the brands are equipped with different characteristics like turbo wash, stainless steel built, rust resistance, anti-bacterial washing, etc.

When it comes to Semi-automatic front loaders, no doubt LG is the best option available. Whereas, for Fully automatic top loaders, Samsung is the ideal choice. Also, if you have budget constraints, a Samsung washing machine will be better any day than LG.

But if you are searching for a good spinning speed to save you some extra time, then LG provides a better motor mechanism. However, while choosing one, it all comes down to your requirements and preferences. Choose the one which you think would suit you the best considering all the options.


LG and Samsung both offer energy-efficient washing machines, but the energy efficiency will vary depending on the specific washing machine model. It is recommended to compare the Energy Star ratings of washing machines to determine which brand offers the best energy efficiency for your needs.

LG and Samsung are well-known brands for producing reliable washing machines. The overall reliability will depend on the washing machine model, usage, maintenance, and the manufacturing quality.

LG and Samsung offer a wide range of washing machines, including top-loading and front-loading models. The specific range of model availability will depend on the country you are in and ordering washing machines from.

Some of the main features of LG washing machines include TurboDrum technology, SmartThinQ technology, TurboWash technology, and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology.

Some of the main features offered by Samsung washing machines include QuickDrive technology, EcoBubble technology, AddWash door, and Digital Inverter technology.

To clean and maintain your LG washing machine, it is recommended to follow the instructions in the washing machine user’s manual, including cleaning the drum, door gasket, and control panel regularly.

To clean and maintain your Samsung washing machine, it is recommended to follow the instructions written in the owner’s manual, including cleaning the washing machine’s door, gasket, drum, and control panel regularly.

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