LG Vs IFB Washing Machine

LG Vs IFB Washing Machine: Which One Is Better?

None can deny the integral role of essential appliances such as washing machines in our households. They not only make our daily chores easier but also are pretty efficient at their job of performing them with perfection.

A washing machine usually comes in a variety of types, sizes and is based on different technologies. We see top loading, front loading, semi-automatic, fully automatic, smart technology efficient, and so many more options available in the market.

Whenever it comes to washing machines, sometimes it even creates a certain feeling of bewilderment whether to choose this one or that.

Now, in today’s debate on IFB VS LG washing machines, both brands stand out in the industry pretty evidently. They are both known for manufacturing reliable washing machines that come with various advantages as well.

However, due to the constant comparison between the two brands, both IFB and LG have had their own fair shares of consistent developments with more innovative and advanced technologies in their brands, respectively. Let’s learn about each one of them in detail, to compare and decide on the best one between the two.

LG vs IFB Washing Machine Comparison

IFB Washing MachinesLG Washing Machines
Brand Origin India Korea
Washing Machine Types Top Loading & Front Loading Fully Automatic Semi and Fully Automatic Washing
Drum Type Crescent Moon Shaped Drum
Water Usage 50 L Per Wash Load 60L Per Wash Load
Wattage Consumption340 W350 W
Maximum Motor RPM 8001400
Heat Assisted Drying Yes Yes
Upper Price Cap 65000 INR 70000 INR
Warranty 4 Years 2 Years

LG Washing Machine History

LG Washing Machine

LG Electronics was founded as GoldStar in 1958, and later on, in 1994, it was officially recognized as LG Electronics. The name was given since the group was formed by merging of two South Korean companies, Lak-Hui and GoldStar, from which the abbreviation of LG was derived.

Since then, the company has been a leading manufacturer in a number of display devices, home appliances, multimedia goods, electronic parts, and software. .

Gradually, they started selling their products all across the globe instead of limiting their access only to South Korea Interestingly, they were also the first ones to manufacture the world’s first CDMA mobile handsets successfully.

Now, they have their business divided into different business areas such as the mobile communication business area, home appliances business area, home entertainment area, and vehicle components.

Despite the spectrum of an array of products, LG Electronics washing machines are their bestselling and most popular product worldwide. Additionally, it is largely popular in India because of its wide range of products with different washing technologies and price ranges. The washing machines offered by the brand are divided into- washer dryers, front-loading, and top-loading.

Product NameCapacityRotation SpeedWash ProgramsWarrantyPrice
1. LG T65SKSF4Z6.5 Kg700 RPM8 Programs2 years machine

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2. LG FHM1207SDL7 Kg1200 RPM10 Programs2 years machine

Check Price

3. LG FHM1208ZDL8 Kg1200 RPM10 Programs2 years machine

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IFB Washing Machine History

IFB Washing Machine

The company was founded on 12th September 1974, in West Bengal, originally named under Fine Blanks Limited. It was incorporated after the collaboration with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland.

IFB has roughly about 250 retail stores all over India, leading in manufacturing fine blanked tools and components for an array of industries.

Not just a household name in front loading and top loading washing machine models, but IFB significantly became the first brand to manufacture a smart loading model of washing machines as well.

Moreover, this newly invented design helped its customers get the job done quicker, with many advanced facilities to reduce manual labor. Smart Saver Technology and Smart Wash Programs are some of the other features offered by the company. 

The company operates in three divisions- engineering, home appliances, and others. Apart from washing machines, the company also offers a ton of other home appliance services such as dryers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc.

Product NameCapacityRotation SpeedWash ProgramWarrantyPrice
1. IFB Senater WXS8 Kg1400 RPM14 Programs4 Years Machine

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2. IFB Neo Diva BX7 Kg1000 RPM10 Programs4 Years Machine

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3. IFB Diva Aqua SX6 Kg800 RPM8 Programs4 Years Machine

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Which Is Better IFB Vs LG Washing Machine?

Although both brands are leading the industry currently with their great many designs and specifically innovative technologies, there often lies a dilemma while choosing any one out of the two, considering the best one to suit your washing machine at home. So, which is a better IFB or LG washing machine top loading model?

Although none can deny the optimal quality and functionality of both LG and IFB, when it comes to the front loading washing machines, LG provides comparatively a better result than IFB when it comes to the top-loading washing machine models.

Let’s find out other important details and differences between the two to conclude our quest for LG VS IFB washing machine, determining only the best one.

1. IFB vs LG Washing Machie Build Quality

 In any case, the build quality is a crucial factor in determining an appliance’s durability and stable operations. Therefore, the better the build quality, the more efficient your washing machine.

Interestingly, both LG and IFB washing machines offer a premium build quality, manufactured from stainless steel, and significant durability, making them so popular among the consumers and the market. Moreover, both of these brands offer their washing machines with toughened glass doors to prevent any leakage issue.

2. LG vs IFB Washing Machine Service

Now, to compare both the brand’s customer services, LG is unapologetically better than IFB. LG customer reach is more reliable, quick, and easy to reach, and thus, overall more convenient. Although IFB has a good reach for offering good service in city areas, they lack the logistics to reach more people in tier-2 and tier-3 areas.

Customer service, in general, plays a big role in inculcating the faith and confidence of the customers towards the brand, especially if they are quick to respond in case the washing machine runs with an error. So, it is wiser always to choose the washing machine brand that easily solves the problems without any hassle.

3. IFB vs LG Washing Machine Performance

Although both the companies manufacture washing machines that provide excellent wash results without any fabric getting damaged, there are certain pointers that differentiate the performances between the two significantly.

For example, IFB washing machines have a crescent moon drum which allows the clothes to wash thoroughly without being harsh on the fabrics. On the other hand, LG washing machines provide a unique drum design that ensures the fabrics are washed thoroughly without any linen damage.

4. IFB vs LG Washing Machine Features

A. LG Washing Machine Features

1. Smart Control
LG ThinQ Washing Machine
  • AIDD: This unique addition to the LG washing machines helps detect the weight of the clothes and the type of fabric being put inside to determine an optimized wash cycle automatically. This feature adopts various wash cycles with a combination of different motions to provide an optimal wash result.
  • Smart Diagnosis: Interestingly, the special LG ThinQ phone application can help you to diagnose the washing machine for any errors quicker than most other brands, be it a big or a small issue. 
  • Remote Operation: Also, this unique combination of LG ThinQ and WI-FI makes a remarkable pair in making life much easier by surrendering full power and control of the washing machine to the user, anywhere at any time. You can efficiently do laundry with a download cycle of up to 20 additional wash programs.
2. Inverter Direct Drive Motor
LG Smart Inverter Technology

LG washing machines have always been at the forefront of technological advancements. LG’s Inverter and Direct Drive technology is one of the most amazing technologies it has ever introduced.

This technology provides greater efficiency and stable performance while enhancing the power of the washing machine. Usually, the motor and drum of most washing machines are connected with a belt, whereas LG’s motor is directly connected with the drum.

3. TwinWash
LG Twin Wash Technology

This is an LG washing machine specialty which contains two washers, one on the top side of the machine consisting of the main front load washer and the bottom one consisting of a mini top load washer.

The main washer is used for heavy and larger loads, whereas the bottom one is used to wash delicate fabrics.

B. IFB Washing Machine Features

1. Aqua Energy Technology
IFB Washing Machine Aqua Energy Technology

To begin with, IFB specifically offers this innovative aqua energy technology which converts hard water into soft water.

Most of the washing machine models of IFB have this feature built in and therefore, easily breaks down bicarbonates that are present in hard water, into simpler and finer crystals.

The aqua energy technology also activates the detergent in water, and overall, it helps to protect the quality of the fabric.

2. Washing Technologies

Below are some of the well-known features you can find in IFB Washing Machines

  • Turbo Wash Facility: This technology helps the machine to wash the clothes in lesser required time without, without compromising on end results. It produces water spray which effectively rinses your clothes in a better way.
  • Smart Load: IFB named its front loader washing machines as smart loaders since they offer special facilities to remove all the dirt, debris, bacteria or pet hair are instantly, through a smart washing process. Moreover, it also helps to save electricity and prevent the machine from getting damaged due to frequent power fluctuations.
  • Steam Wash: This wash cycle produces steam into the washer that thoroughly cleans any of your dirty and allergen clothes and gives a hygienic clean.
3. Ball Valve Technology
LG Vs IFB Washing Machine: Which One Is Better?

One of the reasons IFB stands out is their ball valve technology, provided in most washing machine models. To elaborate, a ball is supposed to float at the beginning of the outlet pipe, which helps the water to let out easily, keeping the detergent intact.

This also helps to prevent the wastage of detergents and enhances the overall performance of the wash cycle.

LG vs IFB Washing Machine : Verdict

Although both the brands LG and IFB offer premium built quality, revolutionary technologies, and excellent washing features, some differences set them apart from one another. While LG uses a direct drive motor to enhance the stability eternally, IFB uses a conventional one.

IFB washing machines are generally cheaper and, therefore, more affordable than the LG washing machines. They are also known to have a better life span than the latter. However, LG washing machine models are quieter than the IFB washing machines. Thus, to conclude, they both have their perks and benefits that are unique in their ways.

Opting for LG or IFB washing should totally depend upon the customer’s choice, although an LG washing machine could be a better option for an overall good experience. However, if someone wants to go for an affordable option with all the facilities available to satisfy their requirements, look no further than IFB washing machines.

If this washing machine brands comparison was appealing to you, be sure to checck out our other washing brands comparisons on LG vs samsung, Bosch vs IFB, LG vs Bosch, etc.


A delay start option is present in some of the IFB washing machine models.

The wash cycle duration in LG washing machines can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Yes, some models of LG washing machines have automatic error detection features.

Yes, the child lock feature is present in some models of IFB washing machines.

The number of wash programs in IFB washing machines can vary from model to model, with some IFB washing machine models having up to 15 wash programs.

The energy efficiency ratings of LG washing machines can range from 2-star to 5-star.

The maximum spin speed of IFB washing machines can go up to 1400 RPM.

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