LG Vs Bosch Washing Machine

LG Vs Bosch Washing Machine

Doing laundry seems like an incessant process, isn’t it? Especially when you do it all by yourself. Here, in this case, it is not only time-consuming but also tedious. We understand that it’s a tiring process, particularly in today’s era; taking out time from your bustling timetables for household chores feels like a colossal duty.

But thanks to washing machines for backing us up profoundly. Washing machines have come a long way from being just luxury items to an absolute necessity in every household.

Nonetheless, many people are perplexed as to which brand is superior. Buying a washing machine may appear to be a simple process, but it can become confusing if you are unfamiliar with the various factors (price, spinning speed, dependability, warranty, service, material, construction, and so on) that they provide.

So, if you’re trying to select between an LG or a Bosch washing machine for your home and can’t make up your mind, you’ve come to the correct place. The purpose of this article is to compare LG vs Bosch washing machines in terms of their features and various other important aspects.

LG Vs Bosch Washing Machine

SpecificationsLG Bosch
Loading TypeLG offers Front-loading and Top-loading Washing Machines.Aso, delivers Front-loading and Top-loading Washing machines.
Inverter TechnologyLG washing machines comes with inverter technolgy.Bosch washing machines also uses inverter technology. Thus, it becomes more energy efficient.
Control Type
LG washing machines comes with Touch and button controls. Bosch washing machines also uses Touch and button controls.
Noise LevelLG washing machine motor uses direct drive technology and is directly connected to the machine’s washtub, hence its noise level is low. Bosch washing machine uses conventional drive belt technology, therefore its noise level is high compared to LG’s washing machines.
FeaturesSteam cleaning, TurboWash, Allergiene cycle, etc.ActiveWater, VarioPerfect, AntiVibration Design, etc.
Wash Tub BuildWash tub is Stainless Steel build for LG Wash tub is also Stainless Steel build for Bosch
WarrantyWarranty for LG washing machine is upto 10 Years Warranty for Bosch washing machine is upto 12 Years

LG Washing Machine History

LG Washing Machine

LG is a South Korean global conglomerate corporation headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, founded in 1947 under “Lucky-Goldstar.”

LG faced some obstacles when it first entered India in 1997, including high import duty, competitiveness from several other brands, Indian consumers’ price sensitivity, rivalry from different industry segments in the electronics sector, and so on.

As a result, in order to establish itself as a popular brand, LG implemented a number of marketing and promotional initiatives that were unique enough to assist LG in attaining its current position in India.

LG washing machines are the most popular among a variety of products manufactured by LG. These washing machines are noted for their cutting-edge features, high-quality washing, and affordable pricing.

Product NameCapacityRotation SpeedWash ProgramsWarrantyPrice
1. LG T65SKSF4Z6.5 Kg700 RPM8 Programs2 years machine

Check Price

2. LG FHM1207SDL7 Kg1200 RPM10 Programs2 years machine

Check Price

3. LG FHM1208ZDL8 Kg1200 RPM10 Programs2 years machine

Check Price

Bosch Washing Machine History

Bosch Washing Machine History

Robert Bosch founded the Bosch conglomerate in 1886 when he launched a shop in Stuttgart, Germany, with only two employees. From 1905 till 1908, the company was recognized as “Bosch Magneto Company,” and in the year 1912, it opened its first factory.

Due to its quality-driven engineering, 135 years later, Bosch has grown to become one of Germany’s top ten businesses.

Bosch has 40 manufacturing factories spread across Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Asia. The Bosch models’ elegant appearance and a set of unique features have contributed to their huge popularity in India.

When it comes to washing machines, it has become one of the most trusted brands in India. This company stands out because of its dependability, adaptability, and excellent customer service.

Product NameCapacityRotation SpeedWash ProgramsWarrantyPrice
1. Bosch WLJ2016WIN6 Kg1000 RPM15 Programs2 years machine

Check Price

2. Bosch WAJ2416SIN7 Kg1200 RPM15 Programs2 years machine

Check Price

3. Bosch WAJ2846SIN8 Kg1400 RPM15 Programs2 years machine

Check Price

LG vs Bosch Washing Machines: The Real Differences

In the commercial appliance market, both LG and Bosch are two of the most reliable brands. Both of them are well-known for their durability, technological advancements, and washing performances. But each one of them has its plus points and shortcomings.

To understand these differences, let us have a look at various aspects that make them different from one another.

1. Cost

When comparing the 7 kg models, the basic LG machines are slightly more expensive than the basic Bosch units. Similarly, when we compared a few more models of LG and Bosch, we discovered that Bosch is significantly less expensive than LG.

This is since the LG units include Wi-Fi connectivity and programs like a steam wash, while the Bosch models do not. As a result, Bosch’s pricing is lower than LGs, albeit by a little margin. The main reason for this is that the direct inverter feature is more expensive than the traditional belt feature.

2. Motor Technology

One of the most significant differences between LG and Bosch is their motor technology. Bosch employs traditional technology, which involves a pulley mechanism connecting the motor to the drum via a belt.

It uses a permanent magnet. As a result, it does not induce friction on armatures like brushes, resulting in no energy being wasted as a consequence of resistance, friction, or heat.

Finally, no brushes, no wear and tear, and nearly no noise increase the motor’s life as well. Whereas LG employs an inverter direct drive motor, which is connected to the drum without the requirement of a belt.

Both have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. This technique is more stable, which results in very little noise and vibration, while the inverter saves you money on your electricity bills.

3. Wash Programs

There are ten different wash programs included with LG washing machines that are compatible with a variety of fabrics/clothing and can be washed adequately.

But here, Bosch beats LG as many Bosch washing machine models provide 15 distinct wash programs for washing various sorts of fabrics/clothing in various situations. This can also provide you with fantastic washing results, not just in cleaning but also in taking care of your delicate clothes.

4. WiFi

LG washing machines with advanced features include wi-fi connectivity. You may control the washing machine remotely, download wash programs, and check the status of the wash program using the AI-ThinQ app. With a download cycle of up to 20 extra wash programs, you can do laundry quickly.

There are no models from Bosch that can connect to the Wi-Fi. A majority of them are only available offline and not on popular e-commerce sites as well.

5. Build Quality

Bosch and LG washing machines are recognized for their high-quality design and manufacturing. What we’re trying to convey is that LG and Bosch do not cut corners when it comes to the quality of their washing machines.

Both brands produce washing machines that are made of strong stainless-steel material that has shown to be robust and long-lasting. The semi-automatic washers have a rust-resistant premium plastic body as well.

These versions also include a toughened glass door as well as a water-resistant touch panel, enhancing your overall laundry experience. Consequently, with the help of their unique technology, both brands’ products produce low noise and vibration as a result of these features.

6. Service

After-sales service or customer care service is one of the most important factors that are to be considered while purchasing a washing machine. Even though Bosch boasts superior engineering that is trouble-free, the installation process of its washing machines is quite lengthy.

Moreover, many Bosch consumers (on Amazon and Flipkart) have reported that getting in touch with the experts for a problem is even more difficult because their service centers in India are few and far.

While the small and spare pieces, such as the rubber guard on the door, have a 10-year warranty, it may turn out to be a costly affair because it is difficult for the technicians to get the original ones.

On the other hand, LG has outperformed Bosch in this category, thanks to its extensive network of service centers around the country. LG spare parts are readily available, technicians can get to all the places faster, and customers are generally delighted with the service.

7. Drum Design and Space

Both washing machines include drums that are designed to wash clothing without damaging the fabric. Furthermore, Bosch’s motor is located at the bottom of the drum, thus the drum is slightly deeper than LG’s, which is due to the motor’s direct connection to the drum.

As a result, as compared to LG, Bosch’s washing machine drum has more space. Drums are taller and less deep in LG. Deeper drums are preferable because they allow for better abrasion of the fabric on the drum’s minute protrusions and paddles.

It can also hold extra clothing. Just like Bosch, LG’s newer front-loaders even offer a Clean Drum feature, due to which both of them are at par in this regard.

8. Features

In terms of features, LG washing machines offer a wide range of features like Twin Wash Technology, All Round Cleaning with 6 Motion DD Technology, Turbo Wash 2.0, Turbo Drum, TrueSteam, Inverter + Direct Drive, Rat Away Technology, Smart Diagnosis with NFC Tags, etc.

Nonetheless, in this case, Bosch has the upper hand as it provides more features than LG, including VarioDrum, VarioPerfect, ActiveWater Plus, iDOS, Magic Filter, and EcoSilence Drive, AllergyPlus, Power Off Memory, Volt Check, and Child lock and many more.

LG Washing Machine Features

1. LG Twin Wash Technology

LG Twin Wash Technology

LG’s Twin Wash Technology is amongst the most distinguishing features of its washing machines. In these washing machines, on top of it, there are two washers that are used to clean heavy and larger loads.

In addition to the two main washers, there is a mini top load washer built exclusively for delicate clothing.

You no longer need to be concerned about your delicate garments being ruined or waiting for their turn to be cleaned separately. You can clean both heavy/larger loads and delicate loads independently and concurrently with this incredible technology.

2. LG All Round Cleaning with 6 Motion DD Technology

LG’s 6 Motion DD technology is yet another fantastic advancement aimed at providing a simplified combination of motion to all sorts of fabric.

The machine thoroughly washes your clothing by using a blend of 6 distinct motions: rolling, tumbling, scrubbing, stepping, filtering, and swinging.

This system is fabric-sensitive, allowing it to detect the right motion for efficient cleaning while minimizing fabric damage. This approach provides the correct protection for your fabrics while making them super clean and tidy.

3. LG Turbo Wash 2.0

LG Turbo Wash 2.0

Turbo Wash 2.0 is an improved version of the TurboWash technology that can help you conserve time doing laundry. This technique uses a twin JetSpray motor to squirt water over your clothing in a centrifugal motion, completely dissolving the detergent.

Turbo Wash 2.0 delivers a forceful stream of water that rotates your garments top-bottom and left-right to easily wash and remove stubborn stains, thanks to the JetSpray mechanism.

It washes your clothes in a matter of minutes without compromising on the quality of washing.

4. LG Turbo Drum

All of the LG’s finest washing machines have Turbo Drum technology, which allows the drum and pulsator to revolve in two distinct directions. As a result, clothes are washed and cleaned immaculately while remaining gentle on the materials.

The two revolving drums reduce the tangling of cloths/fabric throughout the washing process. This, in turn, aids in the preservation of the clothing’s fabric. Overall, this method offers your apparel the most powerful wash possible, removing even the toughest dirt and stains.

5. LG TrueSteam

LG TrueSteam Technology

The latest LG models include TruSteam technology, which is an amazing feature. This technology is mainly focused on eliminating typical household allergens like dander, dust, and mites.

LG washing machines using this technology have also been recognized by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as one of the first washing machines to be certified as asthma and allergy-free. This technology’s washing procedure consists of three steps:

  • Sanitization of Allergens: The fabric is sanitized using an atomized stream.
  • Allergen Dissolution: The released allergens are dissolved at a precisely optimum temperature.
  • Allergen removal: All allergens are screened and removed during the rinsing and spinning.

6. LG Inverter + Direct Drive

LG Smart Inverter Technology

LG washing machines have always been at the forefront of technological advancements. LG’s Inverter and Direct Drive technology is one of the most amazing technologies it has ever introduced.

In contrast to traditional washing machines, which have a fixed load operating efficiency, inverter technology allows the machine to choose an optimal speed based on the load (clothes).

This technology causes the machine’s motor to rotate at speed appropriate for the number of clothes you’ve loaded into it. This dual technology uses a lot less electricity and energy. Besides, it also makes very little noise and has a lengthy lifespan.

7. LG Rat Away Technology

Rat Away technology is available on LG semi-automatic washing machines. Its purpose is to keep rats away from the machine.

This amazing idea works because the machine’s body is protected by a 3mm thick plastic shell covered with powerful rodent-repellent chemicals, which stops rodents from chewing on it and destroying it. If semi-automatic washing machines fascinates you, you can refer to our semi-automatic washing machine review.

8. LG Smart Diagnosis with NFC Tags

LG Smart Diagnosis with NFC Tags

The Smart Diagnosis technology with NFC tags is one of the troubleshooting technologies offered by top LG washing machines. It works when the user presses the washer’s button, which alerts the Smart Diagnosis app on their phones and tells them if there is a problem with the machine.

By analyzing and recording specific tones, this Smart Diagnosis technology can diagnose up to 28 technical malfunctions and determine the core cause of the problem.

It will immediately give you a viable remedy after analyzing the problem so that you may try to solve it yourself. This technology nips the problem at the source until it becomes a much greater issue.

Bosch Washing Machine Features

1. VarioDrum

Bosch Washing Machine VarioDrum Feature

This technology is cleverly intended to ensure the protection of delicate clothing at every turn of the drum. In VarioDrum technology, as the drum turns in a particular direction, the flat side of the joined paddle does the cleaning of clothes.

And afterward, when it turns in the opposite direction, the steep side of the paddle does the cleaning by its wave-droplet design. This one-of-a-kind design of the drum takes care of your fragile fabrics without compromising on the cleaning results.

2. VarioPerfect

To keep up with our hectic schedules, lifestyle, and profession, Bosch came up with this uniquely designed VarioPerfect technology. This technology further involves 2 options, i.e., SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect.

If you are constantly in a hurry and can hardly wait for the laundry cycle to finish, you can select the SpeedPerfect option, and it will complete the washing in about an hour. However, if you can manage to take out some time from your busy schedule, you can choose the EcoPerfect option.

This is an environmental-friendly option that tends to utilize 66% lesser energy than other washing machines. The best part is you can find this technology on almost all models of Bosch.

3. ActiveWater Plus

Bosch Washing Machine ActiveWater Plus Feature

One of the shrewdest technologies featured by the Bosch washing machine is its ActiveWater+ option. What happens in this technology is it changes the load of the washer as per the load capacity with the help of 256 sensors.

This feature has the capability to automatically adjust the water flow within the drum by detecting the sum of load as well as the type of fabric present inside the washer. In addition, it also takes care of the uniform distribution of water at a rapid pace with the help of VairoDrum technology. This technology also aids in saving water and electricity.

4. iDOS

One of the factors that people tend to ignore while putting their laundry into the washing machine is the right amount of detergent for their load. Believe us or not, the effectiveness of washing is affected greatly by this factor.

Because too much detergent will consume your detergent stock as well as water faster, resulting in unnecessary wastage of both. Moreover, if the detergent isn’t dissolved properly in water, it can leave the detergent residues within your clothes, ultimately resulting in allergies and skin irritations.

So, to counter this situation, Bosch came up with an iDOS technology that tells you the optimum detergent quantity depending on the hardness of water for a perfect wash.

5. Magic Filter

Bosch Washing Machine Magic Filter Feature

The modern top-loaders manufactured Bosch feature a Magic filter technology that helps to keep your clothing clean and lint-free.

Unlike conventional washing machines, this magic filter is situated strategically in the lower portion of the washer in such a way that it manages to trap lint efficiently, irrespective of the water level within the drum.

In addition, the filter is detachable, which makes it easier for you to clean it.

6. EcoSilence Drive

Bosch Washing Machine EcoSilence Drive Feature

All of the premium models manufactured by Bosch features an EcoSilence drive technology along with a BLDC motor that helps in the reduction of noise produced due to friction. This results in a quieter operation. The benefit of having a BLDC motor is that it saves power and ensures a longer life span of the appliance without compromising on the cleaning results.

Another feature coupled with these two features is the AntiVibration sidewall design that increases the stability of the washer during the operation alongside dampening the vibrations produced due to the tossing and turning of the laundry.

7. AllergyPlus

Improper washing leaves back detergent residues and contaminants within your clothes. This, in turn, causes skin allergies. The iDOS and ActiveWater+ technology offered by Bosch washing machines ensure that your laundry is not just clean but also hygienic. To top it all, Bosch is the only company to be certified by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).

8. Power Off Memory

Bosch Washing Machine Power Off Memory Feature

Power cuts in India are a very common thing to deal with since forever. When there is a power cut while your washing machine is carrying out its operation, all of your settings are lost post the power cut scenes.

Good for us that Bosch has come up with solutions to tackle this problem as well with the Power Off Memory feature. It helps in saving your settings and preferences so that after the power is restored, the washing machine resumes the same washing setting that it was carrying out before the power cut.

9. VoltCheck

One of the major issues that can lead to the damage of electrical appliances is voltage fluctuation. Fortunately, the Bosch washing machine comes with VoltCheck technology, which protects the washer from voltage fluctuations.

This is done by a built-in controller that constantly keeps in check the voltage of the washing machine and pauses it if any voltage fluctuation is detected. It restarts the cycle once the voltage level is stable.

10. Child Lock

Bosch Washing Machine Child Lock Feature

Another helpful feature that new Bosch washing machines come with is a Child Lock option. This helps in locking your preferred settings, so they do not get disturbed, even if your child meddles with the touch panel of the washer.

This is a must-have feature in your washing machines, especially if you have a kid at home.


In this battle of LG vs. Bosch washing machines, we believe you’ve realized that both companies are known worldwide for their superior performance and quality.

Both LG and Bosch washing machine models provide a variety of stunning and creative features. Both brands have distinct features and both the brands offer a wide range of wash cycles, allowing you to wash a larger variety of apparel.

LG offers the remote operation, smart diagnosis for a better customer experience, and 6 motion drum movements for delicate washing. In contrast, Bosch offers an excellent washing experience with Variodrum, VarioPerfect, and ActiveWash+, even without Wi-Fi. Again, build quality is not an issue in either brand’s models.

But although the features in Bosch are more in number, the features in LG are more advanced. Bosch’s after-sales support is a matter of concern, but the overall product is flawless.

Nevertheless, when it comes to selecting one, it all boils down to your needs and preferences. Choose the washing machine that you believe would best fit you out of all the possibilities.


Some models of Bosch washing machines do have a steam cleaning option.

The duration of a wash cycle in LG washing machines can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours, while the duration in Bosch washing machines also varies from one specific model to another.

The number of wash programs in LG and Bosch washing machines varies from model to model, with some washing machine models for both brands can have up to 15 wash programs.

The maximum spin speed of LG washing machines can go up to 1000 RPM, while the maximum spin speed of Bosch washing machines can go up to 1400 RPM. Note that the maximum speed for each model changes as per the washing machine model.

The energy efficiency ratings of LG washing machine models can range from 2-star to 5-star, while the energy efficiency ratings of Bosch washing machine models can range from 2-star to 5-star.

Only some models of Bosch washing machines can be controlled with the help of a smartphone app.

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