IFB VS Whirlpool Washing Machine

IFB VS Whirlpool Washing Machine: Which One Is Better?

We often wonder at times that in this vast array of available options and brands in the market when it comes to home appliances, how does one even begin to analyze the right/best brand that offers the best features and functionality overall in general?

Well, when we think of appliances such as washing machines, the big names that usually come to our minds are LG, IFB, Whirlpool, Bosch, etc. Although all of them have gained popularity and established their stands pretty evidently in the industry.

Today, we will be talking about two of them, which could possibly be the best option for your washing machine: IFB VS Whirlpool washing machine.

IFB Washing MachinesWhirpool Washing Machines
Brand Origin India United States
Washing Machine Types Top Loading & Front Loading Fully Automatic Fully and Semi Automatic
Drum Type Crescent Moon Shaped Drum
Water Usage 35% less than Standard Washing Machines 25% less than Standard Washing Machines
Wattage Consumption340 W360 W
Maximum Motor RPM 8001450
Heat Assisted Drying Yes Yes
Upper Price Cap 65000 INR 30000 INR
Warranty 4 Years 2 Years

IFB Washing Machine History

IFB Washing Machine

To begin with the review of IFB washing machines, should start with its brand history, and therefore, let’s take a quick glance at it in detail.

IFB was founded in 1974 in India, which did not take long to rise to its popularity. Soon, the company started selling its products in over 250 retail stores throughout the country.

IFB is also considered the first Indian brand to introduce smart loading washing machine models, apart from selling Indian technology-backed innovative top and front loading washing machines. 

The company has divided three segments to function under engineering, home appliances, and others. The former segment works primarily in Kolkata and Bangalore, while the company produces a ton of home appliance services such as washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc.

Moreover, IFB launched its fully automatic washing machines in 2000 and thereafter kept on experimenting with innovative technological updates ever since.

Whirlpool Washing Machine History

IFB VS Whirlpool Washing Machine: Which One Is Better?

Like IFB, a Whirlpool washing machine review will be incomplete without touching upon the significance and a little bit of the company’s history. Whirlpool has become one of the most trusted premium brands when it comes to washing machines.

It offers a wide array of technologically advanced washing machines and abundant customization options for the customers.

The company was founded in 1911 and soon became the first ever to manufacture motor-driven wringer washers. Whirlpool has manufacturing units in Pune, Faridabad, and Pondicherry, with its headquarters at Gurgaon.

IFB Vs Whirlpool Washing Machines: Comparison

Both Whirlpool and IFB are considered the best brands available in the market and sells best washing machine, and hence people might get confused on which to buy between Whirlpool VS IFB. Thus, let’s compare the two brands thoroughly to decide on the clear winner that may be the best option available in the market.

1. Reliability

To begin with, Whirlpool washing machines are usually considered the best in cleaning, removing up to 50 different tough stains. The company offers a smart loader feature that helps to maintain proper and safe washing machine functionality, especially during high or low voltages.

Now, talking about IFB washing machines, they are equally well popular among people due to their voltage fluctuation protection and time delay features, which make their washers exceptionally convenient and easy to use. They also offer a maximum spin speed to provide the best washing results for your clothes.

Of course, each washer has its own advantages and disadvantages, but while comparing Whirlpool and IFB, the latter consumes considerably less power than the former.

2. Washer

Whirlpool washing machines are backed with newer technologies that leave your clothes wrinkle-free and provide a great washing experience.

Some of the most common features include the wave motion technology, 6th sense stain wash, deep clean technology, etc. They are also A+++ energy efficient and can be used at 15 degrees Celsius without compromising the wash quality.

On the other hand, IFB washers run on high spin speeds to provide flawless cleaning and less drying time for your clothes. They also have several wash cycles and steam load technology.

IFB washing machines also have an aqua spa therapy feature that provides a gentle washing experience for your clothes, along with a deep clean. Some of the other remarkable features of IFB washing machines are voltage fluctuation protection and time delay.

3. Cloth Dryer

Whirlpool dryers come with a bold design with user-friendly controls and are equally compact with a lot of advanced features. The advanced moisture sensor feature of Whirlpool dryers prevents your clothes from over-drying.

In the case of IFB dryers, they come with innovative designs and technology for best wash results and good linen health. The steam refresh cycle in IFB dryers helps to release any wrinkles formed on the clothes by using a minimal amount of heat. Also, they can work in any given environment without damaging the quality of the fabrics.

4. Energy Consumption

Whirlpool washing machines come with approximately 25% of less water when compared to other washing machines in the market. Additionally, the maximum speed a Whirlpool washing machine can work on is roughly 1450 rpm, consuming up to 360W power.

On the contrary, IFB washing machines use only about one-third of the water required for washing. They usually repeatedly rinse the water to prevent any stain while the maximum speed being 800 rpm, consuming 340W power.

5. Features

Whirlpool offers a number of advanced features such as Tumble Care & Pentawash, SoftMove, Auto Detergent Dispenser, etc., to provide an excellent washing experience while protecting the linens from unnecessary damages.

On the other hand, IFB offers many innovative washing machine models packed with a number of smart features such as 360-degree wash, O2 wash, Aqua Energie, etc. Let’s discuss each of these features in detail.

IFB Washing Machine Features

1. Smart Loader

This particular technology helps in preventing any sort of wastage of detergents while enhancing the overall wash performance of the washing machine.

To elaborate, a ball-like structure floats at the starting of the outlet pipe, which helps the water to drain out quickly while keeping the detergent intact.

2. 360° Wash

The 360-degree wash feature basically helps to get the best wash of the linens at a much faster speed. It also enables the washer to use less water, less detergent, and less energy to obtain that perfect wash quality while preventing the excess use of anything required.

3. O2 Wash Technology

IFB Washing Machine O2 Wash Technology

O2 wash is the technological innovation by IFB which allows the washer to generate millions of air bubbles to pierce through deep into the fabric to remove any sort of stubborn dirt or stains.

4. Cradle Wash

This feature is also popularly known as the stable drum feature. This, therefore, as the name implies, helps to hold the drum stationary inside the washing machine while the water is being filled and prevents any tear or damage to the linens caused by friction. 

5. Aqua Energie

IFB Washing Machine Aqua Energie Feature

The aqua energie feature provides filter treatment for hard water, which means it breaks down calcium into crystals and energizes the water in general. This water treatment dissolves detergent in a much better manner, with no residues on clothes left over.

6. Laundry Add

This feature is rarely found in front-loading machines but is very popular among the top-loading washing machines. It basically allows you to add laundry mid-cycle.

7. Auto Balance

The automatic balancing feature in top-loading washing machines are meant to correct the unnecessarily loud actions and noises that usually occur in between when a washer is out of balance. Thus, its primary job is to keep the clothes balanced throughout the entire cycle, eliminating any minimal need for manual adjustments.

8. Time Delay

IFB Washing Machine Time Delay Feature

The time delay feature was introduced to help you set the washing cycle according to your convenience, to complete one wash cycle automatically at a time.

The time here can be set by you at any hour later in the day. Thus, the hour displayed indicates the time the wash will finish, say, for example, if you choose to delay between 1 to 24 hours.

9. Voltage Fluctuation Protection

As we have already discussed a little bit about it previously, the voltage fluctuation protection primarily works according to the capacity of the washing machine and sets and monitors the voltage requirement as needed as per the convenience of the electrical appliance.

10. Child lock

IFB washing machines are also well equipped with a child lock facility to keep children or pets off the washing settings. This basically acts as a safer mode and ensures no settings are changed by children’s hands whenever they decide to meddle with the controls. 

The panels of the machines are also waterproof, and therefore, there’s no question of worrying about using wet hands to operate the settings.

Whirlpool Washing Machine Features

1. Tumble Care & Pentawash

Whirpool Washing Machine Hexa Bloom Impeller  Feature

All of Whirlpool’s top-loading automatic washing machines are generally powered with effective Tumble Care technology, which basically employs advanced sensors to detect the laundry conditions automatically when enabled.

This feature provides a unique 360° Tumble Motion which makes the loaded laundry to tumble in several motions. Moreover, all semi-automatic washing machine models of Whirlpool use the Pentawash for powerful wash cycles.

2. FreshCare and Ultra Cleaning

Whirpool Washing Machine FreshCare Technology

Whirlpool catered to the problem of stuffed clothes giving out foul colors due to staying in for long hours into the washer by introducing the FreshCare technology, which basically helps to keep clothes fresh and odor-free by tumbling them periodically up to 6 hours.

Additionally, all the latest Whirlpool models are equipped with UltraClean technology that kills almost 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

3. SoftMove

Whirpool Washing Machine SoftMove Feature

This particular feature smartly senses the kind of load added into the drum and then acts upon it with the help of drum movements based on the fabric type.

For example, the energetic wash is designed for bright colored cotton clothes; the soft cradle is for woolen clothes; the slow-motion is suited for delicate fabrics such as socks, scarves, etc. The power shower is for synthetic laundry.

4. 6th Sense Stainwash Deep Clean Technology with In-built Heater

6th Sense Stainwash Deep Clean Technology

This particular feature offered by Whirlpool is designed to remove 16 different types of tough stains.

Stainwash deep clean is a 6-stage technology that combines chemical, mechanical and thermal action for a perfect stain-free wash.

Different combinations of temperature helps in removing various types of stains, and therefore, this is a unique addition to Whirlpool’s array of innovative technologies and features.

5. Three 3D Technologies: 3D Scrub, 3D Lint Filter & 3D Turbo Impeller

Whirpool Washing Machine 3D Technologies

All of Whirlpool’s semi-automatic washing machines offer the three 3D technologies for a perfect wash. Firstly, the 3D scrub technology provides a flawless cleaning with no residues left behind.

Then there’s the 3D scrum which makes a load of fabrics inside the drum rotates in an up-down motion for the removal of the toughest stains easily.

Secondly, the powerful 3D lint filters help in filtering out the lint from the washed linens, followed by the final step, thirdly, a 3D turbo impeller to facilitate the 3D wash of the clothes inside the washing machine.

6. Auto Detergent Dispenser

Whirpool Washing Machine Auto Detergent Dispenser Feature

The auto detergent dispenser prevents the usage of too much detergent for a single wash cycle, resulting in the depletion of the stock of detergent faster and increasing the water intake.

However, too little detergent can also cause its own complications; therefore, this feature allows the washer to detect the required amount of detergent needed to complete one wash cycle and to save both detergent and water with its perfect technology.

7. Hard Water Wash

Whirpool Washing Machine Hard Water Wash Feature

The hard water problem is a common concern in various places across the country. Not only does it create chaos in our daily chores, but it also can pose severe threats to our ill health, as a significant impact of hard water.

Additionally, detergents are rather difficult to dissolve in hard water and thus, leave behind white layers of residues around the drum and the supply pipe.

Therefore, this particular feature present in Whirlpool washers helps to achieve better dirt and stain cleaning even when the supplied water is hard.

8. ZPF and Terminix Technology

Whirpool Washing Machine ZPF Technology

Whirlpool offers fully automatic top load washing machines equipped with the unique ZPF technology, which is known for filling up the washtub around 50% faster even with low water pressure.

On the other hand, the Dynamix technology ensures no detergent residue is left after the wash cycle is complete and the clothes are cleaned, especially when the supplied water pressure is low.

9. Whirlpool’s Whirls and Crawls

Compared with other big names in the industry, Whirlpool is considerably the quietest one around. Its high-end smart technology-backed washing machines are truly a blessing for soft sleepers.

Though it’s quite efficient in providing the best washing experience, its cleaning efficiency is still considered to be lagging somewhere on the lower side when compared to other big brands.


Thus to conclude, both Whirlpool and IFB washers are trusted brands and offer excellent quality in terms of washing. However, when it comes to cleaning, defying all the negatives, Whirlpool washing machines are undoubtedly the best options available in the market.

On the other hand, IFB washing machines are considered well suited for people who value the safety of the appliance more than all the smart features combined. It also has a smart loader which helps you keep your machine safe during power high or low voltages.

Therefore, to choose one between the two completely depends upon an individual’s personal preference and the requirement at their home.


Both IFB and Whirlpool offer washing machines with various energy efficiency ratings. The specific energy efficiency of a washing machine will depend on the brand and model. So, the differing energy efficiency of both brands will depend on the washing machine models you’re comparing.

IFB and Whirlpool offer a range of after-sales services for their washing machines, including warranty and repair services. The specific after-sales service offered will depend on your washing machine model.

The price range of IFB and Whirlpool washing machines can vary greatly depending on the washing machine model and its features. Generally, IFB and whirlpool offer a range of options at different price points to suit the different budget needs of their customers.

IFB offers many washing machine types, including front-loading, top-loading, and fully automatic washing machines.

Whirlpool also offers many washing machine types, including front-loading, top-loading, and fully automatic machines.

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