Bosch Vs IFB Washing Machine

Bosch Vs IFB Washing Machine: How Do They Compare?

When it comes to choosing the right brand for washing machines, the two constant names among the many that brands like LG and samsung, usually come into our minds are Bosch and IFB. Both the companies have climbed up the stairs of success and popularity throughout serving their customers for many years now.

However, there are a few common confusions that people have in general while deciding on which brand to consider among the two for buying washing machines in India: Bosch VS IFB washing machines.

IFB Industries Limited is an Indian-based company, mostly dealing with the manufacturing and trading of home appliances and steel products. On the other hand, Robert Bosch, commonly known as Bosch, is a global trading supplier of technology and services.

Thus, to compare IFB and Bosch washing machines, let’s quickly take a look at their brand history, features, and why they stand out. 

Bosch Vs IFB Washing Machine Comparison

IFB Washing MachinesBosch Washing Machines
Brand Origin India Germany
Washing Machine Types Top Loading & Front Loading Fully Automatic Top Loading & Front Loading Fully Automatic
Drum Type Crescent Moon Shaped Drum
Water Usage 35% less than Standard Washing Machines 50L Per Wash Load
Wattage Consumption340 W350 W
Maximum Motor RPM 8001000
Heat Assisted Drying Yes Yes
Upper Price Cap 65000 INR 55000 INR
Warranty 4 Years 2 Years

Bosch Washing Machine History

Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company founded in 1886 in Germany. Primarily, they were the known manufacturers of windshield wipers and injection pumps for diesel.

However, over time with their popularity and expansion of the company as a whole, they began experimenting with car radios as well.

The company was also awarded with the ‘German Future Award’ in 2005 and 2008 from the German President, as a token for their sheer excellence in the industry. 

Additionally, Bosch also believes in increasing energy efficiency by employing renewable energies, investing in biomedical engineering, and producing solutions that are either manufactured with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or with the help of it.

Now, Bosch has divided its operations into 4 groups: mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods & energy, and building technology. Bosch washing machines are one of the most popular and the oldest brands in the industry.

Therefore, they have mastered the art of incorporating new and innovative technologies into their appliances with time. Bosch washing machines are very durable and usually receive positive reviews from the happy customers.

Although they are not quite very affordable when it comes to budget, they are widely popular worldwide, despite limited options in choosing the models.

Product NameCapacityRotation SpeedWash ProgramsWarrantyPrice
1. Bosch WLJ2016WIN6 Kg1000 RPM14 Programs2 years machine

Check Price

2. Bosch WAJ2416SIN7 Kg1200 RPM10 Programs2 years machine

Check Price

3. Bosch WAJ2846SIN8 Kg1400 RPM8 Programs2 years machine

Check Price

IFB Washing Machine History

IFB Washing Machine

IFB is an Indian brand, founded in 1974 in India, which soon gained immense popularity across the country, selling approximately in 250 retail stores all over.

The company has also claimed to be the first brand to offer a smart loading model of washing machines, apart from leading in top loading and front loading washing machines models. 

Now, this particular innovation is designed in a way to make wash cycles easier, convenient, and quicker. The company works under three segments: engineering, home appliances, and others.

The former segment works primarily in Kolkata and Bangalore, while the company produces a ton of home appliance services such as washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc.

The company even launched its fully automatic washing machines ( fully-automatic vs semi-automatic ) in 2000 and has experimented with innovative technological updates ever since. Apart from leading in innovations and advanced designs, they offer an impressive warranty for all of their washing machines.

IFB washing machines also come with child lock facilities and other smart features. However, IFB washing machines are a  bit expensive in comparison to others.

Product NameCapacityRotation SpeedWash ProgramWarrantyPrice
1. IFB Senater WXS8 Kg1400 RPM14 Programs4 Years Machine

Check Price

2. IFB Neo Diva BX7 Kg1000 RPM10 Programs4 Years Machine

Check Price

3. IFB Diva Aqua SX6 Kg800 RPM8 Programs4 Years Machine

Check Price

IFB Vs Bosch Washing Machines: The Real Differences

Now, in order to conclude the IFB VS Bosch debate, we must compare the two brands based on their build quality, performance, services, and features. Although both of them are leading brands and have gained their stance over the years, there are little pointers that differentiate the two when it comes to their washing machine services. 

1. Build Quality

A good build quality provides a great washing experience as well as sustainability. When we talk about Bosch, you may be able to figure out by just looking at the model that their washing machines are indeed of high quality.

Not just by the design but the build quality of the appliances by the company are usually much better than most brands out there in the industry.

Bosch washing machines also have an incredible life span and, therefore, can work efficiently for several years together. They are manufactured with German technologies of premium quality, and their anti-vibration spiral sidewall provides an essence of uniqueness altogether.

On the other hand, IFB may not be able to match the brilliant build quality of Bosch washing machines, although the former has been a leading name in the Indian market industry. Thus, IFB washing machines may not have an excellent life span, leading to quality issues after a few couples of years.

The company uses a stainless steel body material and toughened glass door. Thus, Bosch is the clear winner here.

2. Service

Bosch is also known for its extremely organized customer services, and as a result, they entertain a large client base for their quality services.

As we all know, bad services are the worst nightmares for any company in general as they can impact on the overall image of the company. Keeping your customers happy with after-sales services is one of the best ways to maintain your identity as a leading brand in the market.

Although IFB is not far behind with its customer support services, somewhere along the road, it has failed to keep up with the pace of change with time, as compared to Bosch. Thus, most people think that Bosch provides better services than IFB and that the latter still requires a lot of improvement in that aspect, especially in non-city areas.

3. Performance

Although both Bosch and IFB offer excellent washing quality with their innovative technologies and smart wash programs, with Bosch, you may use any detergent whatsoever, and yet it’ll deliver amazing results. However, with IFB, it is usually recommended to use Surf Excel detergents or good quality ones to obtain the best results.

Regardless of this little difference, both the companies allow the customers to wash their clothes effortlessly with different wash cycles, which easily wash all fabric types such as jeans, nylon, woolen, and cotton.

4. Features

As we have discussed already, Bosch is a large multinational Engineering Company based in Germany. Therefore, it uses all the advanced German technologies to incorporate in its washing machines and other products. Thus, Bosch washing machines have in-built smart technologies which offer the customers a wonderful washing experience.

On the other hand, IFB being an Indian brand uses advanced Indian technologies to incorporate the smart features and latest developments in their products. IFB offers various features for its customers and an easier, more convenient, and quicker way to wash clothes.

Bosch Washing Machine Features

1. VarioDrum

Bosch Washing Machine Vario Drum Feature

This feature helps to protect the delicate and fine fabrics from any damage while washing. The drum rotates in one direction while the flat side gently cleans the fabrics.

When it spins in the opposite direction, the steep side of the paddle carefully deep cleans the stain or dirt.

2. VarioPerfect

Another interesting feature of Bosch washing machines is that they usually offer two washing clothes options: SpeedPerfect & EcoPerfect.

The former ensures to reduce the wash time by up to approximately 60%-65%, without compromising on the wash quality. On the contrary, the latter helps to save energy while washing by up to approximately 50%.

3. ActiveWater Plus

Bosch Washing Machine ActiveWater Feature

This feature controls 256 different sensors to automatically adjust the water level by sensing the amount of load and fabric type. Thus, this feature saves water while laundry is soaked faster and paves the way for clever wash technology.

Furthermore, with the help of this feature, the water gets evenly distributed at a faster pace.

4. iDOS

This unique feature, available in Bosch’s series 8 washing machines, automatically measures the precise amount of detergent and water level required for the wash load to maintain and prevent excess load in one wash cycle. However, this feature is only available in premium Bosch washing machine models.

5. Magic Filter

Bosch Washing Machine Magic Filter Feature

Yet another distinctive feature of Bosch washing machines is the magic filter, which helps to keep your laundry lint-free and clean.

This filter is strategically positioned low in the washer, unlike conventional washers, to trap lint effectively, regardless of the present water level. Moreover, this filter is easy to clean as it is detachable.

6. EcoSilence Drive

Bosch Washing Machine EcoSilence Drive Feature

EcoSilenceDrive motor ensures to consume low power while providing higher cleaning efficiency. This particular feature works without brushes and without friction for virtually wear-free operation.

Additionally, there’s also an AntiVibration sidewall design, which helps increase the stability of the washing machine and prevent vibrations during an ongoing wash cycle.

7. AllergyPlus

This is an ideal program for people who have allergies. AllergyPlus program washes clothes at 60 degrees Celsius, removing detergent residues and irritants and giving a germ hygienic wash.

8. Power Off Memory

Bosch Washing Machine Power Off Memory Feature

Power outages are nothing new in India. Therefore, whenever the power goes out, the washing machine settings are generally reset to default, overriding the settings that were in action just before the power cut.

However, modern Bosch washing machines have found a way to deal with this issue with their power off memory feature, which saves the wash cycle and related settings. The wash cycle can be resumed again whenever the power is connected again.

9. VoltCheck

Another negative impact of power cuts is voltage fluctuation. When the power comes back, there is a surge in the supplied power which can be detrimental to the life of bigger electrical appliances. Therefore, Bosch has not failed to address this matter as well.

New Bosch washing machines are protected with the VoltCheck feature, which is basically an inbuilt controller that forcefully stops the washing machine from continuing with the wash cycle whenever the supplied voltage is beyond the safe operating limit. Similarly, it resumes operating whenever the voltage level stabilizes.

10. Child Lock

Bosch Washing Machine Child Lock Feature

No one can deny the importance or significance of a child lock facility in washing machines, especially when a family has both a child and a pet.

A Child Lock setting basically allows you to lock all the other settings available to keep them safe and untouched when the kids decide to meddle with the touch panel of the washing machine.

IFB Washing Machine Features

1. Smart Loader

The smart loader technology basically prevents the wastage of detergents, therefore, enhancing the overall performance of the wash cycle.

Thus, a small ball-like structure is seen afloat at the beginning of the outlet pipe, known for helping the water to drain out easily while keeping the detergent in.

2. 360° Wash

This advanced feature helps your clothes to get the best wash at a much faster pace. It also uses less water, less detergent, and less energy to get an excellent wash result overall.

3. O2 Wash Technology

Bosch Vs IFB Washing Machine: How Do They Compare?

O2 wash, also known as bubble wash, is a newer technological innovation by IFB. It basically allows the washer to generate about millions of air bubbles and penetrate them deep into the fabric to remove any stubborn stain or tough dirt during a wash cycle.

4. Cradle Wash

Also known as the stable drum feature, the Cradle Wash primarily holds the drum stationary inside the washing machine while the water fills to prevent any tear or damage to the linens due to friction. 

5. Aqua Energie

IFB Washing Machine Aqua Energie Feature

The Aqua Energie feature of IFB washing machines is introduced for filter treatment of hard water by a simple process of breaking down the calcium into crystals and energizing the water.

Thus, this treatment results in better dissolvement of detergents into the water, leaving behind zero residues on clothes and linens.

6. Auto Balance

The automatic balancing feature in top-loading washing machines can correct the unnecessarily loud action when a washer is out of balance. Thus, it helps keep the clothes balanced throughout the entire cycle and eliminate the need for any manual adjustment.

7. Laundry Add

IFB Washing Machine Laundry Add Feature

The laundry adds feature is rarely found in front-loading machines but is very popular among the top-loading washing machines. This feature lets you add laundry even after the wash cycle has started, i.e., mid-cycle.

8. Voltage Fluctuation Protection

The voltage fluctuation protection basically works according to the capacity of the washing machine. Therefore, it sets its voltage requirement as per the convenience of the electrical appliance.

9. Time Delay

IFB Washing Machine Time Delay Feature

The delay time feature helps you set the washing machine according to your convenience and finish the wash cycle automatically at a time set by you for later in the day.

Thus, the hour displayed indicates the time when the wash will finish, say, for example, if you choose to delay between 1 to 24 hours.

10. Child lock

Like Bosch, IFB washing machines also offer the child lock facility to keep the washing settings safe and away from kids’ hands. A Child Lock setting helps to lock all the necessary settings that you don’t want your kids to meddle with.

The panels of the machines are also waterproof, and therefore, there’s no question of worrying about using wet hands to operate the settings.


To conclude, both brands Bosch and IFB are equally good with their innovative features and service qualities. However, to select any one between IFB and Bosch, it should be totally upon your choice of preference to opt for the right fit for your requirements.

If you are someone who has a considerably high budget and is willing to opt for more advanced technologies, such as water-saving technologies, less vibrations, smart features, etc., Bosch will be the right choice for you.

However, if you have a low budget and do not require everything fancy to function, you may go ahead with IFB to suit your requirements. You must remember that these two brands are leading names in the industry and offer high-class products with pretty good features.


1. Which washing machine is good, IFB or Bosch, for front loading washing machines?

Keeping all the similarities and differences in mind, Bosch is clearly the winner when it comes to front-loading washing machines, with all the smart features that it offers. However, they are a bit inclined towards the pricier side.

2. Which washing machine is good, IFB or Bosch, for top-loading washing machines?

While IFB is more budget-friendly and reliable, Bosch provides premium category washing machines with advanced German technologies. Therefore, IFB washing machines are best suited for lower price ranges, whereas Bosch is the best option available in the market for comparatively higher price ranges.

3. Is Bosch the best washing machine?

Keeping all the positives and extraordinary features of Bosch washing machines, there’s no surprise in accepting it as the best available option in the industry. Bosch has recently been recognized as the most water-efficient laundry machine brand in the U.S.

4. Are IFB washing machines good?

IFB offers quicker wash cycles compared to other premium washing machines and is pretty reliable and robust in its design. However, they do lack a bit of innovation when it comes to comparing other big brands.

5. For how long Bosch or IFB washing machines last?

The design efficiency of the products of both brands is superior. Thus, both of them offer a pretty good life expectancy of about 15-20 years approximately and, therefore, are considered leading names in the industry.  

6. What are the energy efficiency ratings of Bosch and IFB washing machines?

The energy efficiency ratings of Bosch and IFB washing machines can range from 2-star to 5-star. Some models may have a 2-star energy rating, and others may have a 5-star energy rating.

7. Does Bosch washing machines have in-built heaters?

Yes, some models of Bosch washing machines have in-built heaters for drying up clothes.

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