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Best Washing Machines Under 20000 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Our lives have become so hectic these days that manual household tasks become an added burden. Electrical appliances are giving ample relief from such a burden, and one such appliance is the washing machine.

Regarding washing machine, there is generally a confusion among the new buyers about which type of washing is better – the top-load washing machines or the front-load ones? Both types of washing machines is delivered by popular washing machine brands like IFB, Whirlpool, Bosch, LG, Samsung, etc.

A majority of people only use 1 or 2 necessary cycles for washing their laundry. The earliest models of washing machines were designed to scrub laundry with soap in a water tub. The technology and design of the washing machine has come a long way since then.

Washing machines have become a necessity in modern households due to their latest features, which are quite beneficial to wash different kinds of clothes. There are some key differences between the top-load and front-load washing machines. Certain features, price, and their ease-of-use determine which of them is perfect for your household.

The following are the top 10 washing machine under 20000 in India:

Top 10 Best Washing Machine Under 20000

Product NameCapacityBEEWarrantyPrice
1. Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL6.5 KgN/A2 Years product,2 Years motor

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2. IFB TL RSS Aqua6.5 Kg5 Star10 Years product,10 Years motor

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3. LG T65SKSF46.5 Kg5 Star2 Years product,10 Years motor

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4. Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.07 Kg5 Star2 Years product,10 Years motor

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5. Samsung WA70A4002GS/TL7 Kg3 Star2 Years product,2 Years motor

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1. Samsung Top Loading Washing Machine WA65A4002VS/TL

If you’re looking for the best washing machine under 20000, the Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL Fully-Automatic Washing Machine is one of the finest options.

This Samsung washing machine has a capacity of 6.5 kg that is ideal for a family with around 4 members. For context, check here how many clothes can fit in a 6.5 kg washing machine. It has a maximum speed of 680 RPM and is available in a lovely white color. 

These washers have a diamond drum with the wonderful Eco drum technology, as well as a slew of other enticing features.

The diamond drum’s “soft curl” shape allows for a gentle and delicate washing operation. Furthermore, there are little water escape holes to keep the clothing from being stuck. 

This washing machine is distinguished by its ice blue LED display, which adds to its elegance. Likewise, these LED displays make it simple to operate the equipment. If you have a tight work schedule, the 15 Quick Wash program will help you get rid of your filthy clothing as quickly as possible.

The Eco-drum technology maintains your machine clean and prevents harsh chemicals from being used throughout the washing operation.


  • 2-year warranty period
  • User-friendly
  • Produces no eco-bubble


  • Produces a lot of noise

2. IFB Top Loading Washing Machine TL RSS Aqua

If you’re seeking the best washing machine in India under 20000, go no further than the IFB TL RSS Aqua.

This Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine has a 6.5 kg capacity and is ideal for bachelors and couples. Its Aqua Energie feature speeds up detergent breakdown, resulting in softer clothes. 

The novel 3D wash technology thoroughly soaks clothes and optimally absorbs detergent for the most thorough wash.

The Aqua Energie, in combination with the Triadic Pulsator Cleaning Engine and Bi-axial Rotation, softly removes stubborn dirt from all areas of the fabric while also shining it. 

The crescent moon drum protects your garments, while the carefully placed perforations provide the mechanical movement you need to get the best wash results.

The lint filter captures lint and loose microfibres during the washing process, resulting in clean, fresh clothing. It also has six different wash programs for your convenience.


  • Delivers excellent results
  • It is both environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective
  • It also saves a lot of time and energy.


  • A little noisy
  • Do not feature the hot water wash program

3. LG Top Loading Washing Machine T65SKSF4

LG T65SKSF4Z Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Washing Machine might be your best pick if you want the best washing machine in India under 20000.

It has a maximum rotational speed of 700 RPM. BMC Motor Protection entirely encloses the washing machine’s motor, leaving no place for insects, dust, or humidity. 

The Smart Inverter technology, which adjusts the ideal energy consumption levels based on the power necessary, is the washing machine’s finest feature. Learn more about inverter technology in washing machines.

This washer has the most powerful washing cycles, which use a strong water stream and a pulsator in the opposite direction to remove even the toughest grime and stains. 

In the event of a power outage, the machine resumes the washing cycle from where it left off before the outage. Furthermore, the washing machine’s Tub Clean function provides total sterilization and hygiene of your tub from the inside out.


  • 2-year warranty period
  • It comes with a child lock technology
  • Offers hygienic washing cycles
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Features power save function


  • Preset settings are confusing
  • It does not come with a smart door

4. Whirlpool Top Loading Washing Machine WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0

Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE Fully-Automatic Washing Machine is counted among the top 10 washing machines under 20000. This top-load washing machine has a capacity of 7 kg and is intended for families of up to four persons. 

The Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0 can also run on hard water, thanks to built-in technology that detects the kind of water and adjusts the washing cycle accordingly, resulting in a 20% more efficient wash. 

Low water pressure is no longer an issue due to the ZPF technology that the washer comes with. It also has a user-friendly three-button control panel. All you need to do is to press these buttons and sit back and relax. 

The machine will provide you with a flawless wash. With 740 RPM drying technology, this machine dries all of your clothing incredibly quickly.

High RPM drying mechanisms in washing machines come in handy when you can’t dry clothes in the humid monsoons. This spiro wash action provides 20 percent more effective cleaning, and your clothes will be thoroughly washed as a result. The most remarkable feature is its 12 Wash Programs, which assist with the smooth cleaning of a wide range of fabrics.


  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product and 10-years warranty on the motor
  • 5-star rated product
  • Reduced washing time with Express Wash mode
  • Efficient removal of stubborn stains with Spiro Wash function
  • It comes with a lint removal filter


  • The beeper volume is too loud
  • A bit noisy

5. Samsung Top Loading Washing Machine WA70A4002GS/TL

The next best washing machine under 20000 on our list is Samsung Top Loading Washing Machine WA70A4002GS/TL. This is a fully automatic washing machine that bears a capacity of 7 kg, thereby being ideal for a family with 3-4 members. 

It comes in a bright, sleek silver hue that looks elegant in your laundry area. Using the wobbling pulsators, the wobble technology prevents the clothing from getting tangled with each other. 

This produces a multi-directional wash that is free of twists and knots. Additionally, this technology ensures that your detergent is spread uniformly.

The drum of the washer has diamond-shaped ridges on its interior wall. This diamond technology gives your garments a mild cleaning, providing you with the finest experience imaginable. The eco tub is designed for cleaning the tub without using any chemicals, and it even tells you when it needs to be cleaned. 

Samsung’s ACTIVWash+ has a convenient sink where you can hand wash any clothing along with cleaning stubborn stains. The dimensions of the washer are WxHxL = 540 mm, 1002 mm, and 568 mm. Because the breadth is smaller, it can easily fit into tight spaces.


  • It comes with many features like Wobble technology, Magic filter, Magic dispenser, Eco tub clean, etc.
  • Has child lock function
  • Five water levels
  • The product has a 3-year warranty, and the motor has a 10-year warranty.


  • The drying function of the washer is inefficient

6. LG Top Loading Washing Machine T7288NDDLG.ASFPEIL

LG is a well-known home appliance company that manufactures some of the best washing machines under 20000 with outstanding performance.

One such variant is LG Top Loading Washing Machine T7288NDDLG.ASFPEIL having a 6.2 Kg capacity, making it perfect for a medium-sized household

The washing machine is reasonably priced, simple to operate, and produces a high-quality wash. It features a 780 rpm motor, which is exceptional and can help you dry your clothing quickly.

The Smart Inverter Motor function allows the machine to optimize energy usage based on the amount of power required.

Additionally, the motor is resistant to rust and corrosion. Its BMC Motor Protection ensures that insects, dust, and Moisture do not enter the motor, allowing it to last longer. 

By the powerful water stream of the spinning drum & pulsator in the opposite direction, the turbo drum provides the most vigorous wash and helps you eliminate the hardest filth.

You can connect your washing machine to the SmartThinQ app in the event of a problem, and you’ll be able to diagnose the issue, saving you both time and money.


  • Stainless steel drum results in greater durability and longer life span
  • It comes with a child lock feature
  • After-service sales are satisfactory
  • The motor is rust-proof


  • Costly

7. LG Top Loading Washing Machine P9040RGAZ

LG Top Loading Washing Machine P9040RGAZ is one of LG’s most prominent semi-automatic washing machines.

It includes air-dry technology, which allows you to dry your clothing speedily and saves time. This washing machine comes in a beautiful and elegant grey color.

The washer features a roller jet pulsator that assists in spinning the laundry. It can quickly remove stains from garments and provide the finest wash results. 

The washing machine comes with 3 wash programs – Gentle, Normal, or Strong. With a highly efficient soaking technology, you can soak your clothing in detergent and let it sit for about 20 minutes to get rid of stubborn stains. It features a 3MM plastic cover with a chemical that repels rats

During a spin cycle, a spin shower removes all soap residue from your garments. Collar Scrubber can help you save time and work by cleaning your cuffs and collars. Lint Collector collects all the fibers that come loose from your clothing when you’re washing them.


  • High durability
  • Comes Lint Collector
  • Features 3-Wash program for high efficiency
  • It includes a rat repellent cover
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the entire product and 5-year on Motor T&C


  • The speed of the drain and spin system is slow

8. Haier Top Loading Washing Machine HWM65-707NZP

The list of best washing machine under 20,000 in India is incomplete without mentioning the Haier HWM65-707NZP Fully-Automatic Washing Machine.

It has an Oceanus Wave Drum design that allows for a higher water flow, softly cleaning, and efficiently washing filthy clothes with less abrasion. 

When clothes are washed regularly, they frequently produce lint. The magic double filter reduces the amount of lint produced during a wash cycle, resulting in cleaner garments. 

With the help of a powerful pulsator that facilitates both vigorous and gentle motions depending on the quality of fabrics, you can effortlessly clean heavy and bulky clothing. 

You can choose from eight different types of washing programs to choose the one that best matches your apparel for each wash cycle. Even with low water pressure, this washer can wash your clothing without sacrificing performance.

The Jet Stream Technology allows water to spurt out from below and above, resulting in a 4-way uniform washing.


  • Lint-free clothing with Double Magic Filter
  • It comes with 8 different wash programs for efficient cleaning
  • Performs efficiently even with low water pressure
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product and 10-years warranty on the motor


  • High vibration and noise level

9. Godrej Top Loading Washing Machine WTEON

Godrej is a well-known brand in India that has successfully moved into the electrical industry. Godrej WTEON 700 Fully-Automatic Washing Machine is counted among the most affordable washing machines in India.

This machine has 9 various washing programs to suit different sorts of clothing, ensuring a great washing experience.

The broad and small equally divided shapes on the drums provide efficient cleaning as well as a pleasant form of acupressure for your apparel.

The pulsator’s six ridges help to increase water turbulence, resulting in a powerful wash. Each preset wash cycle includes 5-8 minute integrated automated soaking periods to guarantee that stains are well removed. 

The user does not need to take any additional procedures to activate the soak. The child lock technology prevents keys from being accidentally pushed, which would disrupt the wash cycle. You can choose the rapid wash program, a 29-minute wash cycle, for mildly dirty clothes.


  • Highly durable
  • 5-star rated product
  • Features a toughened glass lid that is anti-scratch and shock-resistant
  • 9 types of wash programs for efficient cleaning
  • Auto-restart and backup system
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product and 10-year warranty period on the motor


  • Noisy
  • Does not have a “wash only” option

10. AmazonBasics Top Loading Washing Machine

AmazonBasics, a sub-brand of Amazon, is best known in the market for its efficiency in energy and water usage.

This fully automatic washer within the top 10 washing machines under 20000 is powered by a strong and durable motor that can spin at around 700 RPM for rapid drying.

It features 8 different wash programs, such as air dry, quick wash, Eco Wash, etc., for various situations and fabrics. 

The capacity of the washing machine is 7Kg thereby making it suitable for families with 3-4 people. The waterproof LED display screen comes with different push buttons that keep you informed and alerted about the status of your wash cycle, and it’s simple to see even in dim light. 

Fuzzy logic is available with this washer, which assesses the wash load and automatically plans the wash cycle for the best outcomes. 

High spin rates are handled by the Stainless Steel Drum with Diamond Technology, ensuring greater drying without damage. The intelligent drum cleaning feature allows you to clean the tub without filling it with clothing regularly.


  • It comes with Rat cover protection
  • The body is made up of rust-free material
  • Delay start function is available
  • Features Child Lock, Auto Power Cut-off, and Memory function


  • Poor after-sales and installation service

Best Washing Machines Under 20,000: What to Look for?

Best Washing Machines Under 20000 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Choosing any washing machine can be quite a personal choice, but it is wise to consider some factors before going for your preferred option.

Once you are determined about which type of washing machine you must go for, you can choose a model of washing machine from the list of Best Washing Machines Under 20000. The following are the factors which you should look for before considering a type of washing machine:

1. Ease-Of-Use

Compared to front-loading washing machines, top-loading ones are more convenient as you don’t have to bend over for loading and unloading your laundry. Top-loading washing machines stand at an ideal height, and so, they are suitable for the buyers who have joint issues.

If you still want to go for front-loading washing machines, then you should install the unit on a laundry pedestal, which raises it about 12-15 inches.

The other convenient qualities of a top-loading washing machine include the ability to add laundry in mid-cycle. Top-loading washing machines can distribute fabric softener and collect lint better than front-loading ones.

2. Speed Of Wash

The buyers must keep in mind that not all top-loading washing machines are the same. The current market has two main types of top-loading washing machines – one with an agitator and one without an agitator.

Motion is created by shaking and forcing water through the washing machine by the mechanism of an agitator. Such motion leads to a vibrating washing machine.

Compared to a front-loading washing machine, a top-loading one with an agitator washes the laundry faster as clothes remain immersed in water for the entire duration of the wash cycle.

The ones without agitators clean clothes better and use less water than the ones with agitators; thus, they are also called as the high-efficiency top load washing machine. But these high-efficiency washing machines are a bit expensive.

3. Cleaning Efficiency

Some washing machines clean better than others. Your research should lead you to ones that can clean the toughest stains in the machine itself and you shouldn’t necessarily have to ‘pre-wash’ your load. Be it tea or coffee stains, henna marks or even tough holi color stains.

Even if a top-loading washing machine prevents you from bending over, you should not completely consider it a perfect type as it can be rougher on clothes if it is overloaded.

The front-loading washing machines are gentle on clothes. Large items such as comforters or pillows don’t immerse entirely in water, and so, top-loading washing machines have a tough time washing them.

4. Price

washing msschine price

Front-loading washing machines are more expensive than the top-loading ones as they offer better conservation of water and energy as well as better quality wash. For accommodating all the soil levels and fabric types, the front-loading washing machines pack more wash features.

Now the price of washing machines changes with features across brands. If you really want to find the best one with all features that you need, you’re also advised to compare brands side by side. We’ve prepared some brand comparisons that may help you with your research. Find them below –

Due to their advanced suspension systems and motors, they make way less to no noise than the top-loading washing machines. Even though the upfront cost of a front-loading washing machine is comparatively more, you will save a good amount of expenses in the long run.

5. Less Usage Of Water

Compared to average top-loading washing machines, front-loading ones use less electricity and water. As per the EPA, more than 300 gallons are used by an average family daily. 17% of that quantity is used for washing others. Am efficient front-loading washing machine will help you to sustain our environment.

6. Flexibility Of Installation

As a front-loading washing machine can be stacked with a dryer, one can stack both these appliances for reducing space usage. Most people do for a stacked washer-dryer layout as homes have less space available.

Stacking of laundry units is preferred by even those who have a good space available as they use the extra space for storage or additional cabinetry.

While choosing a washing machine, space is the primary deciding factor for the majority of people. You can opt for a compact washing machine if you have an unusual setup or limited space at home.

With the increased popularity of vertically stacked arrangements, almost all the washing machines and dryers in the market have stacking compatibility.

7. More Capability Of Extracting Water

More Capability Of Extracting Water

Compared to a typical top-loading washing machine, a front-loading washing machine spins up to 33% faster. Thus, a front-loading washing machine removes more water from the clothes before they are transferred to the dryer. Also, the clothes will be less heavy and can be moved with fewer efforts between the two units.

However, many front-loading washing machines vibrate due to the spin cycles. Most people find such noise too irritating to ignore. The RPM (revolutions per minute) of a washing machine specify its spin-speed.

If you are going for a front-load washing machine, then buy one with more than 1200 RPM speed. In the case of top-loading washing machines, go for one with speed above 700 RPM.

8. Issue Of Smell/Mold

A front-loading washing machine has a higher chance of having a mold build-up around the rubber gasket of its door. Due to this, one has to spend more on the maintenance of a front-loading washing machine than a top-loading washing machine. Front-loading washing machines must be kept in areas with good airflow.

The mildew and mould issues can be minimized by keeping the door slightly ajar between wash cycles. As a top-loading washing machine relies on gravity to pull water down, its seals don’t trap water. Thus, top-loading washing machines don’t face the issue of mold.

I hope you have now selected the type of washing machine which is more beneficial for fulfilling your requirements.


These are the top 10 best washing machine under 20000, and you can choose any of them as per your needs and factors mentioned in this article. Most of the washing machines mentioned in this lost are top-loading washing machines as they come with better features and advantages than front-loading ones.

They are also more water and energy-efficient. They have better abilities to remove stains, and their overall cleaning performance is comparatively better. The top-loading washing machines will give you an easier and quicker wash. You can easily load and unload top-loading washing machines.

But they are a bit expensive, and you have to wipe their door seals to prevent mildew regularly. You don’t have to wipe the gasket and seal if the washing machine is in a basement with limited airflow.

If you want to fit your washing machine in a smaller space, then go for a compact front-loading washing machine. You can check our dedicated article, to know the difference between Top Loading and Front Loading Washing Machine.


Look for washing machine models with a large capacity, multiple wash cycles, and energy efficiency.

Yes, you can use delicate clothes in the washing machine. But you must use a delicate cycle and place delicate items in a mesh laundry bag.

To know if your washing machine is working properly or not. Check for leaks, strange noises, and unusual vibrations during operation.

You can clean your washing machine by running a hot water cycle with vinegar or baking soda or using a washing machine cleaner.

Check the washing machine’s load balance, inspect the belt and pulley, or call a repair service if your washing machine is not spinning.

Hard water machines will feature a water softener or a built-in ion exchange resin system.

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