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5 Best Liquid Detergent For Front Load Washing Machine In India – 2023

Detergents have become an essential product for every household; they are used to clean dirty, stinky, sweaty clothes, clothes with Holi colors and tea, coffee stains, so that these clothes can be worn again. Detergents are surfactants or mixtures of them that contain cleansing properties.

These detergents work better in dilute solutions. While they’re similar to soaps in their working properties, they usually work better with hard water.

There are many popular washing machine liquid detergents available in India, but which one is the best and how are washing machine liquid detergents from these popular brands different from each other?  

In this article, we will go over different types of detergents available in India and give you a brief overview of all of them. We will also discuss what you should look for while buying a liquid detergent and list some of the best liquid detergent for washing machines in India.

Best Liquid Detergent For Front Load Washing Machine in India

Product NameTypeWeightPrice
1. Surf Excel Matic Liquid DetergentFront Load2 Litres

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2. Surf Excel Top Load MaticTop Load2 Litres

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3. Ariel Matic Liquid DetergentFront Load1 Litre

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4. Bosch Front Load DetergentFront Load1 Kg

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5. Genteel Liquid DetergentN/A2 Kg

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1. Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent (Front Load)

Surf Excel has been a big name in the market for cleaning products. Being known for its “washes whitest” advertisement, it has built its popularity in the market very easily.

It is a Unilever brand, and its products are sold in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Its excellent 7 layer deep penetration formula has worked wonders on the toughest of stains.

It’s pour, rub and pour instructions are very easy to use as well. Along with a mesmerizing fragrance, its ability to dissolve faster allows it to provide an immaculate wash. Also being liquid, it produces the right amount of foam without leaving any residue.

It also takes care of the fabric’s color. It removes stain faster than its other market counterparts. Hence, this laundry detergent is one of the best liquid detergent for front load washing machine in India. Please remember that this liquid detergent is meant for front load washing machines and would lose its efficiency if used in a top load washing machine.


  • Gives an amazing fragrance to your clothes.
  • Better washes than powders or pods.
  • Removes tough stains easily.


  • Too thin, thus more quantity needed.

2. Surf Excel Top Load Matic

Surf Excel Top Load Matic liquid detergent again uses the revolutionizing 7 layers deep penetration formula.

This company famous for its “washes whitest” keeps up with its quality name in this liquid detergent for washing machine as well. Using this product follows a similar pattern of pour, rub and pour.

You’ve to pour the detergent on the tough stain and rub it with a stain scrubber cap after you’re supposed to pour the remaining washing liquid detergent in the machine.

This stone scrubber is one of the surf excel’s innovative step, making their products extremely unique. This laundry detergent also takes care of the colour of your clothes and not harming them.

It dissolves smoothly and foams very well. Its fragrance allows your clothes to smell fresh along with being spotlessly clean making the Surf Excel Matic one of the best liquid detergent for front load washing machine and top load washing machine in India.


  • Makes your clothes smell fresh.
  • Dissolution is very smooth.
  •  Allows Machine care.


  • The liquid is too thin.

3. Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent For Washing Machine 

Having the best washing machine will not always remove dirt from your clothes, to do that, you would require to have a really good liquid detergent as well. Ariel is a leading brand in washing products like washing detergents and powders.

They first appeared in the UK and revolutionized the market by their liquid detergent with stain-removing enzymes. Since then, they’ve come up with many more unique products. 

Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent is one of its kind and best liquid detergent for front load washing machine as it removes tough stains easily.

Its unique formula is strategically designed for automatic washing machines. Ariel did an amazing job in introducing a new design of the cap. This feature ensures no spillage as the liquid is retiring back to the bottle.

It is suggested to use 60ml for front-loading and 80 ml for top loading machines. Its brilliant performance can be checked by how it remains tough stains in one wash only. Its smart formula gives you a pristine wash quality.


  • Removes stubborn stains in one wash.
  • Less spillage thus less wastage
  • Great for automatic washing machines
  • Unique Bright Guard technology


  • Comparatively expensive.

4. Bosch Front Load Detergent 

Bosch is a leading multinational company offering great services and products in many areas. They’re known for their out of the box products. 

Their liquid detergent comes with an amazing low suds formula. Many traditional detergents start producing too many suds. These suds don’t get rinsed away and start interfering with the tumbling action of washing machines.

This reduces wash quality and also damages machines to long run. Bosch’s laundry detergent is designed to produce very low suds while being highly dissolvable. It also eludes liquid detergent residues from laundry and machine. It also protects the fabric colour. Thus, it is one of the best liquid detergent for front load washing machine in India.

The Bosch laundry detergent would work better in washing machines created by Bosch as they have been designed by the same brand.


  • Low sud formula
  • Easy to dissolve
  • Machine care formula
  • Eludes residues from machine and clothes


  • Little costly
  • Liquid is a little thick. 

5. Genteel Liquid Detergent

Genteel Liquid Detergent has been formulated to provide superior wash quality. It has inbuilt fabric conditioner. This gives your clothes into a very fine touch even after indefinite washes. Its brilliant formula softens and removes stains.

Its dissolution is very smooth and produces enough foam to give an excellent wash. It has a special ‘no-soda’ formula that prevents any damage to your clothes.

It also ensures your clothes smell great after every wash and look as if they’re brand new. It is the ideal liquid detergent for fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, denim and other everyday clothes. It also does not leave any liquid detergent residues on your laundry and washing machines. Thus, Genteel liquid detergent is very suitable for your clothes as well as your washing machine.


  • Inbuilt fabric conditioner.
  • Unique ‘no-soda’ formula
  • Superior fragrance
  • Highly dissolvable


  • Little pricey

Why Should You Use The Best Liquid Detergent For Front Load Washing Machine?

Why Should You Use A Washing Machine Liquid Detergent?

The Best Liquid detergents are highly dissolvable. They don’t need an ideal temperature to work with. In comparison, powders come with specific instruction for whether they require hot or cold water. These detergents don’t leave any kind of residues on your clothes while this is not the case with powders.

If the suggested temperature for powder is not there, clumps of powder on your machine or clothes can be observed. This requires an extra cycle of washing to remove it. Thus, liquid detergents make your laundry work more comfortable and easy.

Powders often harm your washing machine due to leftover clumps from washing cycles. These clumps interfere, thus damaging the drainage systems.

These clumps do nothing but create blockages costing you a good amount of money for machine repair. On the other hand, washing detergents get washed away very easily. Most of the companies include machine care properties in their liquid detergent formula.

Lately, due to the enhanced comfort of using liquid detergents have made them very popular. There are additional benefits of using liquid detergents like the superior smell, fabric softener, etc. These detergents also come at a very affordable price. All of these pointers give them a greater advantage over pods or powders.

Pros And Cons Of Using The Best Liquid Detergent For Front Load And Top Load Washing Machine In India


  • Liquid detergents provide you with more comfortable washing experience. Due to being highly dissolvable, the water temperature doesn’t really affect the wash quality. Powders or pods require extra steps of setting the required water temperature for good wash cycles.
  • Liquid detergents have low sud formula. On the other hand, powders produce lots of suds that are difficult to wash away. These suds create blockages in your draining system, thus harming your machine. 
  • Liquid detergents don’t have a built-in bleach formula. Instead, they’ve fabric softeners and colour guard properties. These properties ensure impeccable wash quality while leaving your cloth fabric intact. Powders include inbuilt bleach formula often leading to discolouration of clothes.
  • Fully-automatic machines have washing programmes. Liquid detergents are best suitable to work with these programmes. While washing powders are not ideal to use with automatic machines. They often damage them due to their harsh cleaning properties.
  • Soapless liquid detergents are best to use when you’ve hard water at home. They produce enough foam to ensure good wash quality. Powders don’t work well with hard water.
  • Liquid detergents remove tough stains easily without harming the fabric. They deal with stains easily and great with dealing with sleeves and cuffs.
  • If used in correct proportions, liquid detergents can save you a lot of money. 


  • People are used to working with traditional washing powders or soaps. Thus, it might be tricky to adapt to liquid detergents. It quite often leads to wastage of soaps.
  • Liquid detergents are comparatively a little expensive than washing powders.


There are various benefits of liquid detergents over soap powders. In addition to soap powders, liquid detergents dissolve readily in water.

White residues that cling to your clothes are not produced. You conserve soap as well as water when you use liquid detergents. Therefore, it is always better to adapt to smart and more convenient options for dealing with household chores.

We have listed some of the best liquid detergent in India; however you should remember to read the case of the detergent to check whether the detergent is meant for a top load or a side load washing machine.

If you have any question about best liquid detergents for front load washing machine in india, let us know in the comments section below and we will get back to you with an answer.


People with sensitive skin might prefer liquid detergent, because it is less likely to contain the harsh ingredients that can irritate your skin. But, it is important to check the ingredients list of the liquid detergent you’re using.

Liquid detergent can be used for cleaning dishes. But, liquid detergent might not appropriate for the purpose of cleaning dishes and it wouldn’t be suitable for the dishwasher. Because, liquid detergents are made to be effective for launfry purpose.

Liquid detergents can be used on coloured clothes. Many liquid detergents are specifically created and formulated for coloured clothes and ae designed to keep the colours from fading.

The cost of liquid and powder detergent can vary, so it will be in your best interest to compare the prices of different brands and types of detergents. In general, liquid detergent tends to be more expensive than powder detergent, but it is also more convenient and easier to use.

A liquid detergent can be used for hand washing. Some people prefer to use liquid detergent for hand washing because it is easier to measure and dispense than powder detergent.

The effectiveness of liquid and powder detergent can change depending on the type of detergent and the stains you are trying to remove with it. But, both types of detergents can be proven effective if used effectively.

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