No content, part or segment of this website aims to mimic the original motto of doormint; a prominent Mumbai-based online laundry service startup. Nor does any of it intend to portray the website as it was originally created. The domain was legally acquired by a team of Bangalore based IIT graduates that now see it serving a whole different purpose; essentially involving no pretension.

Who Are We?


We are a diverse team of technology enthusiasts and home makers; each having a prudent approach towards work, life and everything in between. We believe that there’s a massive lack of interest in making the most out of their money, energy and time among the common Indian population. This can sometimes be attributed to the reckless lifestyles with virtually zero time to rest, other times to the plain work-shy nature of the common masses. Whatever the reason, it simply infuriates us to see lost potential in any aspect of human life.

Extending our ironclad values to all the readers that we can possibly reach, we intend to help each of our viewer to easily navigate to the most effective and accurate home-making information available online.

A part of our content focuses on pinpointing the most value-packed home essentials that money can buy and that are manufactured sustainably. There’s no denying to the fact that there’s an obvious lack of environment awareness among the Indian population. This is often reflected in our choice of products and services. With our thoroughly put together and peer reviewed content, we aim to increase awareness of the impact that everyday tools and appliances could be having on the environment.

The rest of the portion involves concise guides and troubleshooting advice to the most common domestic errors and blunders. You might also find some lighthearted opening up here and there. Well, that is entirely dictated by the weather here. A warm sunny day makes you want to share things you wouldn’t have otherwise :p